Sometimes, it’s just better to let sleeping dogs lie…

The Secret Circle Recap

“Why cant it be fun like that movie The Craft”~ Faye
Oh Faye *palmface*…This week on The Secret Circle, super-sleuth Cassie delves into the past to find out what happened to her mother’s friend Heather Barnes only to find something dark and demonic afoot. Nick and Melissa explore the possibility of taking things further than just the bedroom and Faye gets in over her head as she and Cassie tinker with a Book of Shadows!

“You’re a bitch” ~ Melissa

“No, I’m your friend” ~ Faye

Well, Nick seems to have turned over a leaf and is sort-of “with” Melissa but now Faye is killing her new boyfriend vibe by naysaying Nick’s intentions and accusing him of being a player. I was going to get back on my Faye-hater train but she proves down the road that she truly has Melissa’s best interests at heart.

Meanwhile, Cassie is looking up info on Heather Barnes and finds she had a brother. Cassie locates him on the sketchy side of town and goes over with Adam to find out why her mother did something ‘worse than death’ to a supposed friend. Diana hopes Heather can tell them what happened to their parents 16 years ago since she was there the night of the fire. Wade Barnes isn’t exactly thrilled to see them and reluctantly invites them inside his house of horrors. It IS a house of horrors. Heather is in a chair, comatose  – the entire house had that Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel to it. The visual effects in this episode were very well done to sustain that uber-creep factor.

“Ask her anything you want. She hasn’t moved in sixteen years” ~ Wade Barnes
Heather survived the fire at the boat house, but Wade doesn’t know why she went with Cassie’s mother Amelia. While some people died, Heather became comatose. Cassie tries to chat her up and right out of a page from a horror movie, she grabs Cassie’s arm! BAM! I jumped – did you?! Nobody can figure out what Cassie did to cause her to move after all this time and why she grabbed Cassie’s arm and not Adam’s or Wade’s.
Cassie notices a scar – a sigil, in witch-speak – on Heather’s arm. A spell has been cast on Heather. Cassie takes Adam over to her house and shows him her mother’s Book of Shadows. Here, we get a bit of info on these books which I found really interesting. Only Diana’s book was found, the other books remain missing and each book is completely different – they’re personalized to the user’s family. She sees the sigil that Heather has on her arm in the book so she knows her mother was behind the spell. Cassie feels terrible for what Amelia did and wants to remove the spell. She also believes that once Heather awakens, she can tell them what happened that night at the boat house. I don’t know about you, but I had a bad feeling about waking her up from the get-go. Plus, after her mom put some bad ju-ju on her, do you really think Heather’s going to wake up and go, ‘Yay! Let me tell you all about it girl!’…ummm…no so much…

Oooooh! Spooky! The spell needs the makers’ blood! Adam and Cassie are having a DIY spell making session when hall monitor, Diana, barges in and drop kicks fun right out of the building. She is the world’s WETTEST blanket! Diana tells Adam he can’t help Cassie…ummm, EXCUSE ME?! You’re not the boss of me!
But our girl Cassie isn’t giving up hope yet! She tells Faye what happened with Diana and Faye agrees to help her in exchange for reading her mother’s Book of Shadows
“I’ve never understood why we’re not better friends” ~ Faye

Uh, cuz you’re a bitch?! WOW. She’s not even hiding it here – ‘hey! Let’s be besties! Can I see your Book of Shadows?’. OK, try harder Faye. Anyhow, they head down to Heather’s house at night and sneak in after Wade leaves. Faye isn’t here to help, not initially. She’s been jonesing to practice and the fact that this has been forbidden by Diana makes it like crack for her. She’s been desperate to dabble and Cassie comes along with a perfect excuse to do so.

“You conveniently left out the haunted house part…this is really creepy.” ~ Faye
The girls chat some weird gibberish (YAY Gibberish! Now THIS sounds like magic!). Then…nothing happens. They think it doesn’t work so they leave. Later on, Wade comes back in and Heather wakes up – OMFG! CREEP SHOW! Something is very wrong with Heather…uh-oh…our girl is possessed! She knocks Wade out and leaves. I guess we know why they bound her…this is where it’s best to let comatose, sleeping dogs, possessed-friends lie…

“This is waaaay beyond witchcraft, this is seriously dark magic” ~ Diana
Diana talks to Adam and tells him why it was a bad idea – they’re old black magic markings, demons, evil entities, and possession. Seriously! This is the BEST episode yet! The horror movie vibe keeps building, right down to Cassie opening the door and seeing no one there. I swear I jumped out 10 feet out of my chair when Heather showed up! I knew it was bound to happen (being a huge horror movie buff) but she still got me when she appeared. This was like a scene out of any teenage horror movie flick – teens chilling out, one goes to “get snacks” (or in the Friday the 13th series, have sex 😉 ), then hears something at the door, opens it, nobody there, then…dun, dun, dun…BAM! and it’s some super scary thing right there! Horror done right – well done Secret Circle! *thumbs waaay up*

“She tried to stop it, but it went inside me, the evil.” ~ Heather

Heather is begging to see Amelia – apparently, Amelia tried to leave with Cassie the night of the fire. It sounds like they were trying to perform some kind of exorcism; one that went horribly wrong when a demon got inside Heather.
Heather goes all Linda Blair and attacks Cassie and knocks her out. Meanwhile, Faye’s on the phone playing games with Adam and suddenly, gets attacked by Heather and we get super creepy effect of Faye screaming over the phone as Adam and Diana helplessly listen on. The actress who played Heather did a great job of being little Miss possessed! She wasn’t campy or cheesy – she was the perfect disturbing lunatic; I loved her acting.
Nick and Melissa, who have made up and are about to have  “make-up sex” see poor Faye screaming and banging on Cassie’s window. They run over to rescue Faye. Heather ends up running out into the street and gets hit by a car and dies. Whatever got her just creeped into Nick’s jacket! OMG!

“I’m never going to be the guy you want me to be. I’m going to disappoint you, you   deserve better” ~ Nick
“That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me. I’m not disappointed.” ~ Melissa

Ummm, I don’t know if that’s “sweet” but it’s damn honest. I think Melissa needs to take off the rose-coloured glasses. They do, however, have a thoughtful and truthful conversation. I like that Nick doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not. He likes Melissa but he’s warned her that she’s in for a potentially rough ride. Fast forward to the two love-birds asleep after their romp and that scary, slithery snake-thing has crawled out of Nick’s jacket and into Melissa’s ear!

The show ended with a cliffhanger – we know Melissa’s in danger. It’s going to be interesting to see how they fight her possession without having her end up like poor Heather Barnes. This episode was deliciously creepy – a total horror movie vibe from beginning to end. It was my favourite episode by far. The show keeps getting better and better each week. The horror movie theme was amazing with no cheese factor in site!

Tune in with me next week for another thrilling episode of The Secret Circle, in “Slither.” Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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