Faye gets a little help from a “friend”, Cassie battles her dark inner demons, Adam pursues his feelings for Cassie and Melissa reconnects with Diana on this week’s episode, “Fire/Ice”, on The Secret Circle.

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"Fire & Ice" -- Grey Damon as Lee in The Secret Circle on The CW. Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

“That girl is all ice, no fire!”~ Faye

This was yet another episode of awesomeness on The Secret Circle! The show is getting better and better with each episode and the story is getting more complex yet not utterly ridiculous. I love how Cassie and Faye’s frenemy status goes to a whole new level as they battle it out as to who going to be top bitch…oops, I meant witch 😉

“Diana has made it clear that she’s moving on….like I’ve been doing” ~ Adam

We begin with Cassie and Adam look around Adam’s basement for clues. They have a sexy close-call but Cassie pushes Adam away out of loyalty to Diana. She tells him she just can’t go there because Diana was her first friend when she moved to Chance Harbor. Cassie’s all about not being “that girl”. Meanwhile, Adam can’t stop thinking about them together. He’s so over Diana, but then again, he was over her the second he lay eyes on Cassie. He has a nostalgic attachment and friendy-love for Diana, but he is over her and totally sees this as his chance to follow his ‘destiny’ to be with Cassie. It’s only a matter of time folks, Jake’s just been thrown into the mix to stall for time but we all can see that the Adam/Cassie hook-up is just around the corner.

“When we have sex, it’s not going to be because of a deal”~ Lee

Well, Lee’s got Faye’s number! As much as Faye dislike’s the fact that she’s reliant on Lee to get her solo magic power back, there is a definite chemistry between the two and Lee’s showing that he’s no idiot. He’s onto her games and he’s playing right back. Lee explains the spell Faye stole from Cassie’s Book of Shadows as something that basically funnels Cassie’s dark magic into Faye. All Faye has to do is pull Cassie’s dark magic out of her and Lee claims he’s the man to do it. After all, as he points out, Cassie doesn’t want her power, so ‘why not take it?’. First, they need to get their hands on something of Cassie’s – something she is personally connected to for the magic to work.

“I’m going to find out who he was one way or another.”~ Cassie
“It’s not what your mother would want.”~ Ethan
“Probably not, but she doesn’t have a say anymore.” ~ Cassie

Cassie, Hell bent and determined to find out who her father was, stumbles across a weird symbol on the basement ceiling. Cassie thinks her father lived at the abandoned house and carved the ceiling symbol in the basement. The symbol is also in Amelia’s Book of Shadows. Cassie remembers this and when she goes to look for it, she realises Faye (who else?!) has ripped that page out. Cassie confronts Ethan about her dad. She asks if he caused the fire that night that killed so many people; the fire that took his life too…we find out that he didn’t start the fire and Ethan is very reluctant to say anymore on it. Nobody wants to talk about Cassie’s dad and what happened that night. Saying his name is like saying “Voldemort”…just don’t do it.

Diana and Melissa rekindle their friendship and talk about Faye. Melissa is having her doubts about Faye’s friendship and misses the closeness she used to share with Diana until she became Faye’s bitch. Melissa has moments where she realises what Faye’s really about but also, she’s also the only person who realises that Faye has some good qualities that get overshadowed by her behaviour. She’s staring to come into her own and grow a pair but she’s very conflicted.

“OK, let’s do this!” ~ Faye

While Faye is busy stealing a necklace from Cassie’s room, she sees something across in Nick’s old room. Someone is in Nick’s house….Faye and her new baddy boy toy leave and find an empty classroom to perform the ritual that will suck Cassie’s power dry. Cassie is desperately trying to track Faye down to get that ripped page back when she bumps into Adam at the dance and shows him the symbol she found on the ceiling…uh-oh, according to loverboy, it’s a symbol for channeling dark magic! It’s the same symbol Faye is going to use for the ritual! OK folks, right here, we know this won’t end well.

Diana’s out on the dance floor having a good time with a cute guy and Adam gets a bit jealous BUT…it’s for a split second because he’s happy that this frees him up to chase Cassie. Adam totally shows how over Diana he is when he broaches the topic of their break-up with her at the dance. He doesn’t want any “weirdness” or for Cassie to feel uncomfortable being around him because of her friendship with Diana. This compels Diana to say she will talk to Cassie about it. Translation? ‘hey, so, I’m like so totally over you and want to get in your friend’s pants, can you have a quick chat with her and let her know it’s cool? K tanx’. JERK. Diana puts on her “brave face” and says it’s no problem. It’s SO a problem as we see clearly when Adam leaves and Diana weeps. Diana’s still broken up over seeing that all he really wants is to date Cassie openly without any drama. He doesn’t get that little conversation was vastly inappropriate and painful.

“You know, you talk a good game, but inside you’re just a scared debutant”~ Lee

Ha! I’m really beginning to like this Lee character. He calls Faye out at every opportunity! She also can’t seduce him like other guys – he’s no dummy 🙂 During the ritual, Faye is tethered to Cassie but we notice that the Circle feel some reaction to the spell Faye is casting. Faye tests her solo magic – and it works! but with dire consequences…like we didn’t see this coming? The “funnel” seems to have attached itself to the entire Circle. Every time Faye casts a spell, it drains someone in the Circle; after Faye shatters a glass in a girl’s hand, Melissa collapses in the washroom. Initially, Faye doesn’t seem to give a crap about hurting her friends to gain power, she’s drunk with it and reveling in her new found magic. Once she realises how serious the affect is, Faye asks to have it reversed. Well honey, sometimes, you need to be careful what you wish for…reversing the spell isn’t as easy as it seems. Faye tries to reverse the spell but, “surprise, surprise” it backfires big time. The next thing you know, it’s like a scene out of “Carrie” – everything falls apart, fires rage out of control, glass smashes everywhere, people are running for their lives. Hmm, Faye, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea?…Cassie uses her powers to try and save Melissa but is overcome by smoke and passes out. Someone saves them but they have no idea who and they wake up outside on the grass.

When the mayhem subsides, the Circle confronts Faye and she storms off pissed that Cassie doesn’t get blamed for her accidents but she does. Mind you, let’s point out here that Cassie doesn’t plot to do damage on purpose – big difference. Even so, Melissa feels pity for Faye, even though Faye almost got her killed. She constantly waffles on her stance with Faye…one minute she’s backing her, the next she’s standing up to her and distancing herself. I’m interested to see how far Faye has to push her before she really destroys their friendship. Melissa is worried Faye is more than drifting away – she is worried about her thirst for power, and both Melissa and Diana are worried about Cassie’s lack of control. Unintentional or not, it’s a danger to the Circle. Just because you don’t mean to almost kill someone, doesn’t mean it’s all good if you do 😉 Just sayin’….

Faye goes back to see her voo-doo boy toy since he’s her only friend at the moment. Adam comes to see Cassie in the basement. She thinks her dad was trying to remove his own dark magic with the symbol. She is desperate to see the good in him, or imagine a good scenario out of a crappy one. He can’t be that bad, right??? Cassie doesn’t want this darkness inside her – she wants to use the spell Faye used to remove her magic. Finally, after all this chit chat, we get what we’ve all been waiting for… THE KISS! Adam and Cassie finally pucker up and make their own magic! Unfortunately, just as the Prince gets the Princess, Jake walks in and ruins the moment. Yep. Jake. He’s back and we’re in for a love-triangle now for sure!

So what did you think of this episode? Has Faye gone past the bad-assery point of no return? Will Adam finally snag Cassie for good? Jake – jerk or just misunderstood?

Tune in with me next week for another exciting episode of The Secret Circle, in “Witness”. Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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