A new The Secret Circle poster has been released to show how serious the show is about “hey, we killed off a cast member by episode 5 and we’re totally serious about it!” Sadly, the poster isn’t incredibly impressive.

The poster version with text says “enemies are circling.”It shows Cassie (Britt Robertson), Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), Diana (Shelley Hennig) and Adam (Thomas Dekker.) Nick (Louis Hunter) is gone, as his character was killed off in “Slither.”

From far away (or if you squint) this is a cool-looking poster. There is depth, and the element of water is greatly used. But in a close-up we have a different reaction…

The main issue is with Britt Robertson, who gets the most space on the poster. Bangs don’t work on her, and it’s nice that they don’t try to highlight them in episodes. So, why, then, are they including these awful bangs in every The Secret Circle poster?! The argument that we’re viewing them as underwater doesn’t work, because her bangs can sway in any direction in water. And to highlight “they’re underwater” shouldn’t faces be a little less rigid? The excess amount of makeup piled on Britt Roberton’s face is very strong and the boldness is not diminished by the idea of water. No smokey eyes for her, no siree. Instead, we have a crystal clear image of an overly photoshoped face that looks like a China Doll. The placement of her face isn’t particularly attractive either, unless you enjoy looking up someone’s nose.

The rest of the group is placed well, but its’ hard to differentiate the girls from each other. They’re all brunettes. The only saving grace is that Shelley Hennig can be identified… as looking like Kim Kardashian. (You can’t unsee it now!) The idea here was good, but the execution is lacking a lot. Points for making them form half of a circle and all, but … eh.

What do you guys think of this new The Secret Circle poster?

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