This week on The Secret Circle, in “Masked”, Adam woos Diana, Cassie plays detective, and Jake turns traitor!

secret circle halloween

“I’m nothing like the rest of you…trust me” ~ Jake

Ya, most definitely NOT! I LOVE Halloween episodes; they’re always good, they always have an interesting twist and they’re always chalked full of action! This week, there’s a Halloween party at Cassie’s. Cassie feels bad about Adam and Diana and this party is an attempt to throw the pair together so they make up. I don’t know Cassie…Halloween – romance? Not so much.

“I think the best way to cover up the fact that you tried to steal her boyfriend is to get one of your own” ~ Faye

OUCH. Faye’s right though, and she sets up Cassie to get Lukewarm-Luke to come to their party. Later on, Cassie has a weird moment while shopping in a store – the store owner, Calvin Wilson, recognizes Cassie’s last name and when Cassie accidentally touches his hand to take her credit card back, a mirror shatters into a million pieces. Grandma Jane tells her that he’s a witch and that she isn’t sure how many witches are in Chance Harbor, seeing as they like to keep it on the down-low.

“No, I understand perfectly, since you’ve already ruined your life, you’ve decided to destroy mine. Stop using fate as an excuse for what you did to mom…did you even lover her? ” ~ Adam

Adam is pissed about Ethan telling Diana that he and Cassie were written in the stars. He doesn’t want to be like his dad, and Diana’s love made him more worthy, and less like his father who spent all his life mourning the fact that he didn’t end up with Cassie’s mom, Amelia. He’s like Luke Skywalker fighting the fact that Vader’s his dad. Poor Adam, he keeps fighting destiny but it keeps bitch-slapping him back HARD. Even though it was a nasty thing to do, maybe he should give in since his dad’s plan to ignore destiny obviously blew up in his face. By ignoring it, he IS like his dad, he just doesn’t realize it.

“I don’t want us to be sitting targets anymore” ~ Cassie.

Cassie finds part of the blade that Simone used to attack her in the house when they’re setting up for the party and shows Jake hoping to get some answers.

faye little red riding hood

Jake magics Cassie’s car so it can’t start and it buys him time to go threaten Calvin Wilson with a “witch cruet”. Mandrake root + witch blood + a personal item to absorb the witch’s energy and voila! Instant witch-death! He threatens to kill Calvin if he tells Cassie about the symbol. Cassie the super-sleuth notices he’s lying when she spies the same object behind a glass case and so she tips over a jar of glass eyeballs and when Calvin goes to get a broom to clean it up, she secretly snaps a shot of the object.

“Oh forbidden love, so adorable, am I interrupting?” ~ Faye

Meanwhile, Cassie and Adam try to figure out what the symbol means and Adam explains his dad and the whole “we’re destined to be together” deal. This line kills me: “I don’t know what’s between you and me exactly, but I know that without Diana…I’m not much of anything”. WOW. Self-esteem. Get some. He’s sounding like Diana a few episodes back.

They find out the girl who attacked Cassie wasn’t a witch, but a witch hunter. Meanwhile, Jake sets up glass jars for each of the Circle back at the witch-hunter hide out. He spells the vessels chanting, “Let light rise out of darkness”, and then we get the big reveal…OH SNAP!!!!!!!! Luke is a witch-hunter! DAMN! You have to wonder…once they are done with Jake, I’m sure they won’t suffer him to live either. They’re obviously just using him to kill the Circle and then he will suffer the same fate. I don’t know how he can’t see that.

Cassie confronts Jake and tells him she knows what the symbols mean – at this point, she thinks she’s trying to protect him by letting him know Simone was really a hunter. She has no idea he’s plotting her death until Jake makes a bad blunder…Oh Jake…you screwed up…you let slip that you know there are 3 symbols when Cassie only had 2. Cassie pick up on it right away and cuts the convo short. She knows he’s hiding something…what a bonehead.

“Really Faye? In my bedroom?” ~ Cassie

And it’s party time! Hey, you gave her a job to do…she’s doing it! Faye keeps Jake busy by flirting with him and then seducing him in Cassie’s room after Cassie warns the group that Jake knows more than he’s letting on. Adam tries and fails to repair his relationship with Diana. Calvin goes to see Ethan…apparently, Cassie has no idea who her father really was and what he was trying to do the night their parents all died. Ethan and Calvin are keeping that secret. John Blackwell…I knew his name would pop up again. I guess we know who her real father is!

Then there’s Poor Melissa; like she hasn’t gone through enough the last few episodes…being possessed, losing her boyfriend, and now she gets kidnapped. NICE. Meanwhile, our killer bee Cassie, snoops around in Nick’s house.

“You were always an ass, and you always had a cruel streak…but you were never distant” ~ Faye

Clever mean-girl Faye is onto him – she knows something is up and he’s different. Well, he is honey, he’s witch-hunting now! Cassie finally finds some damning evidence – a blade with the witch-hunter symbol on it. Jake walks in and does some super-lying; he shows her his entire collection of knives and blames it on Nick, saying he was secretly a witch hunter and he said nothing to protect his brother. Cassie isn’t buying it though. A few minutes later, Calvin calls her and tells her she’s in danger. Jake catches him calling Cassie and Calvin spills the beans that Cassie has dark magic inside her and he wants to help her from being over come by it. I guess her daddy was a bad, bad man?! He drops the match into the glass jar and it’s bye-bye Mr. Wilson…but we all knew that was coming. That part was obvious.

zachary abel

“You bleed just like us…but you’re not…you’re not the only ones born into a legacy…at least I can be proud of mine.” ~ Luke

Luke is NOT luke-warm this episode. He’s a bad-assed witch-hunter! He chloroforms Cassie in her bedroom and as she’s fighting him off – she unmasks him. She wakes up and the entire Circle is bound so that they can’t use their magic and Luke is commanded to finish them off.

Jake runs into the head witch-hunter, Isaac, and tells him to stop because Cassie has dark magic in her, meaning she is stronger so she can’t be killed that way. Luke goes after Diana first and just before he drops the match in the jar, Cassie screams and smashes her jar. When Luke tries to drop a match in Cassie’s jar, he catches on fire. We get it. Big hammer of irony over the head. Witch-hunter burned to death..haha. Adam breaks free and unties everyone. They come outside to find Jake lying on the ground. Jake had cut himself to lie to them saying a guy in a pig mask jumped him and brought him there. You can tell nobody’s really buying it.

“You were my home Diana. And maybe I’m just supposed to let you go now but I can’t, because I can’t lose everything I have all at once”. ~ Adam

Adam checks on Diana later on that night but she refuses him again – she doesn’t believe it’s worth fighting for and she’s probably right. The whiny, spineless version of Adam is oh so unappetizing. It’s like they swapped roles.

Cassie figures out that she stopped one of the witch hunters from killing Diana and asks Jake why he wasn’t rounded up with them. He’s got a lot more lying to do and he’s going to try to get back in her good graces so he can betray them again. SUPER.

Last scene…Uh-oh…Cassie, you’ve got mail….with Jon Blackwell’s initials on it! Grandma Jane goes to see Henry and finds him dead. She grabs the crystal from Henry’s secret hiding place and gets knocked out and the crystal gets taken. How much do you want to bet it was Charles?

A lot went down this episode and as usual, it was action packed, with very little filler and tons of fun to watch!

Tune in with me next week for another exciting episode of The Secret Circle, in “Beneath”. Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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