In The Secret Circle series premiere, Cassie is told she’s a witch. That’s more than a normal teenage girl has to deal with. Britt Robertson plays the role of Cassie Blake as a vulnerable, smart girl who’s dealing with the fresh loss of her Mother.

The Secret Circle Episode Guide

The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot Summary: In the series opener, teen Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) moves to a seaside Washington town (Chance Harbor), where she learns she is a witch and meets a circle of friends who inform her they are also witches. Diana is the nice witch, Faye is…well, she’s a real witchy witch.

Unfortunately for Cassie, she falls for Diana’s boyfriend, Adam. The Circle tells Cassie she can’t tell anyone about them, and want her to do a ritual to bind the circle. Adam’s Dad says that Cassie and Adam are meant for each other, and she shouldn’t mess with fate. But with Cassie here, the circle has more power and that means Faye is on the prowl to do some damage. She causes a thunderstorm. “We can do anything we want!” But then Diana is (almost) struck by lightening and Faye tries to stop the storm. But she can’t. Cassie arrives and she stops it and says she wants no part of witchcraft.

An accident 16 years ago in the circle all died. That’s how Cassie’s Dad died. The rest of the surviving circle is trying to keep it quiet.