This episode of The Secret Circle showcased some of the coolest special effects we’ve seen on the show yet!

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The Secret Circle Review ‘Darkness’

Cassie, Adam, and Diana Makes Three. Oh, poor Diana (Shelley Hennig)! She’s not trying to be hung up on Adam (Thomas Dekker), but he’s not making it easy for her by flirting with Cassie in front of his ex-girlfriend. Diana is sweet to not hold it against Cassie. Adam was kind of a jerk about throwing stones at the window (aw) and then totally ignoring Diana while he swore undying loyalty to Cassie. Adam shouldn’t undercut Diana’s feelings so blatantly like that.

Jake Can’t Stay Away. At first we only saw Jake (Chris Zylka) in Cassie’s dreams, but by the end of the episode we saw him hiding out under a hoodie, outisde of Diana’s room. He wasn’t spying on Diana, though – he’s watching Cassie. It seems like our favorite blonde witch has won this witchhunter over. Too bad she thinks he’s completely abandoned her.

Grandma Kate Isn’t That Cool. First, we thought Grandma Kate looked super young. Then we were glad there was finally an adult who was on the kids side in Chance Harbor. But then we realized that Grandma Kate is just as nasty as Dawn Chamberlain. Dammit! At least Diana’s Dad seems to be coming around to the nicer side. He hasn’t tried to kill Cassie yet, and Kate did try to. And what is the result of that? Well..

Cassie. Oh, Cassie. Now that she’s been buried alive and been judged for this dark magic, Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) a little less trusting of people (we hope.) And though she’s worried about her dark magic and can’t seem to completely control it, we loved how empowered she was by the end of this episode. She’ll decide who she is and what she’ll do, her blood doesn’t define her! She’s powerful, and she’s only starting to realize just how powerful she actually is. It’s the perfect metaphor for a coming of age story. Young girl, you have strength! Also, you have really great hair in this episode. And there was another girl who stood up for herself in this episode….

Melissa Grows a Pair. Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) has been sulky over Nick and letting her BFF Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) walk all over her for a long time. But she’s finally starting to talk back and take the reigns. We’re so proud of her! We’d like to see more happen with Melissa than her just being sad.

Faye and the Voodoo Shack. Technically it was a garage, but even so. Wasn’t the scene between Faye and Lee Lebeque (Grey Damon) super sexy? Ooh, la la. And it was less creepy considering he was using fake blood. We smell an impending romance.

Misc Great Things

  • Faye’s silver feather earrings
  • Diana’s bedroom
  • Cassie’s hair

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