Like you’ve never explored dark magic “for a friend” before?

The Secret Circle TV Quotes “Darkness”

“Jake, that’s where we’re getting our truth now?” – Adam
He knows more than you, buddy! Sure, he’s a liar, too…

“Something’s going on in Chance Harbor.” – Kate
Sounds like the tagline for a really bad movie.

“Really, you’re exploring dark magic for a friend?” – Diana
Snort, snort.

“It’s always the short, quiet ones you have to look out for.” – The Secret Circle Faye Quotes
Typically, yea.

“Doesn’t exactly scream ‘House of Voodoo’ does it?” – Faye
Even the blood is fake!

“The scary part is, I like it.” – Cassie
Everyone secretly likes power.

“No, smartass. We are the mean girls.” – The Secret Circle Faye Quotes
Obvious reference to The Craft is obvious.

“I like the optimism.” – Cassie
So do we.

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