The Secret Circle cast is shiny and new as a group, but individually they are all coming with baggage and fans from their previous projects. Below, we outline their biggest boons and greatest hurdles in the popularity contest that is life on The CW Network. Check out our surprising tie between a male lead and one of the female costars.

The Secret Circle Pictured (L-R): Louis Hunter as Nick, Shelley Hennig as Diana, Phoebe Tonkin as Faye, Thomas Dekker as Adam, Britt Robertson as Cassie, and Jessica Parker Kennedy as Melissa. Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels III/ The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Brittany Robertson, Cassie Blake

Playing our lead in The Secret Circle is the girl who was on The CW’s one year trial attempt to bring the network back to some more familiar ways with Kerr Smith and Shiri Appleby in Life Unexpected. Viewers will have to remember that as annoying as the character Lux could be, that wasn’t Robertson. In fact, behind the scenes Robertson seemed to have great comedic skills. Course, now she’s in this serious supernatural drama…

Greatest Hurdle: Not photographing like Hayden Panettiere (see above), especially since costar Thomas Dekker once had a major storyline with Panettiere in Heroes. She plays “vulnerable” very well, which is a lot of what Cassie is.

Biggest Boon: Life Unexpected fans were scarce but are super loyal. And The CW network clearly believes in her.

Appeal: 7/10

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Thomas Dekker, Adam Conant

Fans know him from action TV shows like The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Terminator and a brief stint on Heroes. He’s also been in plenty of horror based movies

Greatest Hurdle: Not seeming too old. You can only play a high school student for so long.

Biggest Boon: He’s attractive without looking overly perfectly like an Abercrombie & Fitch model. But they shouldn’t force him into skinny jeans.

Appeal: 6/10

Jessica Parker Kennedy, Melissa

This Canadian actress has only been on the scene for a few years but has made a splash with a recurring role on Smallville.

Greatest Hurdle: Sarah Jessica Parker once dated a Kennedy. Keeping her name straight is tough! When you type “Sarah Jessica Parker Kennedy” things get confusing real fast.

Biggest Boon: She looks a little like Jessica Biel but she still has a beauty that is truly unique, and that’s nice to see on The CW somewhere other than America’s Next Top Model.

Appeal: 6/10

Gale Harold, Charles Meade

Hellcats fans can rejoice in seeing this actor back on The CW after the cheerleading show was canceled.

Greatest Hurdle: In his promo shots he looks like a nerd gone evil. But not in the Dexter way. Unless you watched Hellcats or Queer as Folk, you might not feel much of anything towards him yet.

Biggest Boon: He has the right look for a creepy villain.

Appeal: 4/10

Shelley Hennig, Diana Meade

As a former Miss Teen USA (2004) this brunette beauty has logged plenty of screen time on the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Greatest Hurdle: It’s entirely likely she’s going to be a brand new face to you. With her sweet smile and plain brown hair, she could end up the “nice, but totally unnoticeable” cast member.

Biggest Boon: She’s gorgeous and her character is going to be very likeable.Even for not being uber famous across the board, people on Google seem to really care about “Shelley Hennig boyfriend” so she’s got some curious fans.

Appeal: 5/10

Phoebe Tonkin, Faye Chamberlain

Before knowing who she or the character is, it’s her character of Faye that catches attention in The Secret Circle promos.  You get the sense that Faye’s in charge, so you take notice. People have already taken notice of this Australian beauty, who starred in the TV series H20: Just Add Water. If you think an Aussie can’t make it big on  TV screens in American, look at what happened for Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck.

Greatest Hurdle: If you’re strong, powerful and a woman, you can easily be called a “bitch.” If her character on the show is the bitchy one, people might translate that onto her, no matter how unfair that is.

Biggest Boon: She has a powerful, strongly-written character on the show, and a powerful visual appearance. This can be appealing to fans. She is also already a popular topic on google with subjects like: phoebe tonkin smoking, phoebe tonkin earrings, phoebe tonkin weight loss and phoebe tonkin twitter.

Appeal: 8/10

Natasha Henstridge, Principal Chamberlain

We love her for being on She Spies and for making Conan O’Brien kiss a fish.

Greatest Hurdle: Teens don’t always care about the adult storylines on TV shows.

Biggest Boon: In every interview she’s done, she seems like the sweetest person on earth. That said, she looks fiercely intimidating in the promo pictures. Talk about range.

Appeal: 5/10

Louis Hunter, Nick Armstrong

Greatest Hurdle:  He needs more pictures, when you search on Google there are some pretty unattractive ones.

Biggest Boon: His floppy hair reminds us of a young Jared Padelacki on Gilmore Girls. He also looks a bit like a young Dave Franco.

Appeal: 4/10

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