This week on The Secret Circle in “Beneath”, Faye confronts her past, Jake infiltrates the Circle, and Cassie gets in touch with her dark side…

“Psychos, witch hunters demons, they all started coming here after you came to town” ~ Faye

So Faye’s on the bitter bus because since Cassie came to town things have been a little…well, insane. Cassie asks Jake’s help to track down missing Jane and the Circle seems none too thrilled – especially jealous Adam. He suspects Jake isn’t telling them everything and he’s right. Jake reports to witch-hunter Isaac on Cassie, her dark magic and the Circle. Jake = JERK.

“This time the crystal stays with me, this time…I do what I want” ~ Charles

OK, who DIDN’T know it was Charles last episode? I so knew he had something to do with this since he and Dawn have been after that crystal like a bunch of crack addicts. Charles is back to his usual nasty self this episode and I’m glad. Dawn isn’t as clever as Charles so its’ good that he’s back in charge of Baddie-land.

Dawn is anxious about Faye going to check on Henry at their house in Pine Lake. Gee I wonder why?! Dawn doesn’t think – she’s worried about the body still being there. NICE. You kill a guy and don’t dispose of the body right away? How half-assed is that?! In a panic, Dawn calls Charles to see if he can prevent them from finding Henry’s body but Charles is already one step ahead of her – he’s moved the body and tells Dawn this gives them time to figure out what they’re going to do about Jane, who’s neatly stashed in the back seat of his car! He sends Cassie a text from Jane’s phone to throw the kids off their trail. Smart move. He’s also going to use the crystal to dig up a spell and erase Jane’s memory. Another good move. He’s truly the better evil mastermind – Dawn’s just sloppy – #MafiaFAIL.

“Old magic is powerful, tracing it back might help you to understand why you can do it on your own” ~ Jake

Cassie and Jake drive out to Pine Lake together to meet up with the rest of the Circle to find out what happened to Jane. Jake asks Cassie what she knows about her family’s past. She’s curious why he’s so interested in her family’s history and he brushes it off as curiosity and that it might help her understand why she was able to save Diana when they were bound in sulphur and iron that night.

This is just a sidebar story…the real meat of this episode centers around Faye. She hears voices and sees something when they arrive at the house. Ghost voices? Is she mad? Is someone magically attacking her? Is this some special power she has? This part of the show was really interesting. I really enjoy the horror movie nods TSC gives in all their episodes. If you’re a fan of horror movies (like me!) – you’ll find little tips of the hat to the genre in every show. I love it. Every episode has that “creep factor” that keeps you interested, spooked and it never gets cheesy.

I love the scene where Faye’s rummaging through the liquor cabinet and notices blood. She finds bloody boots upstairs and notices drag marks, then when she checks again – the boots and blood are gone. It gave me the heebie-jeebies!

Cassie finds Jane’s scarf and sees Charles texts so she thinks everything is hunky- dory. Jane’s texts say she will be home tomorrow so they decide to stay the night at Pine Lake since there’s terrible storm.

“Doing magic with someone can tell you a lot about them” ~ Jake

Jake teaches Cassie how to work magic without chanting – by just picturing it. SO.MUCH.COOLER. It left you wondering if this is a black magic ability or something they can all do once they’re advanced enough in their powers. We get the answer later on but it’s cool that Jake knows so much about dark magic – I hope the show will answer why eventually.

“I’ll be in the tub if you need me” ~ Faye

She really, truly has the best lines 🙂 Tub boozing…You just know something bad is going to happen based on the horror movie elements peppered throughout the show…and it does – Faye is suddenly covered in weeds from the lake. Faye tries to explain what happened and no one believes her. Faye accuses Cassie about doing this to her – trying to make her look crazy so she can have Jake all to herself. Paranoid much?

“You are a bitchy spoiled little girl who wants to blame me for all of your problems instead of looking in the mirror!”~ Cassie

OUCH! They decide to play truth or dare, and we all know that it never ends well. Adam asks why the witch hunters didn’t put Jake in the Circle with the rest of them that night – Jake manages to explain himself away by saying he’s older and more powerful. He has an answer for everything, eventually, he’s going to come up short and I can’t wait to see how his lies unravel.

Diana, totally out of character (I like!) gets nasty and dares Cassie to kiss Jake! She later admits to Adam it was a complete set-up to see his reaction and hurt Faye. That’s a nice jab. Cassie finally erupts and lets Faye have it! – she totally deserved it. I’ve been waiting for Faye to get her just desserts and here it was. Cassie’s been way to nice and it was good to see the mean girl get put in her place. She bitch-slapped her good!

After Faye runs out, Cassie finds pictures of the little girl Faye keeps seeing. Cassie later asks Jake if there is anything between him and Faye, but he claims Faye made more of it than he did and there is nothing between them anymore. Jake tells her the anger helps her access solo magic and that she’s born with “true” power that not all witches can access. OK, there’s our answer – it’s just Cassie who can do these things. Then Cassie plants one of him! I think Cassie is moving on from starry-eyed Adam and there is a definite triangle brewing here. Every good teen show has its triangle and here we have the beginnings of it. There is definitely a spark between Jake and Cassie and although we all know it probably won’t end well, it would be nice to see Cassie get to Jake even if only for a little while.

“That girl is here for a reason” ~ Faye

Cassie finds the car running but no Faye. Now Cassie starts seeing the little girl and chases after her. Here comes the clincher: Faye tells Cassie the little girl they both see is her! Faye explains the last time she wore that coat and those rain boots was when she was 6 and nearly drowned. Her grandfather saved her life so she believes its a message and there is a reason she’s seeing herself. Cassie sees “little Faye” on the dock and goes after her – she puts her hand in the water and it starts bubbling and she pulls up Faye’s grandfather, Henry!!! OMG!!! There is no mistaking it – he was murdered, and now the Circle knows it.

The next day – in the car, Jake and Cassie talk about Faye’s memories and why they reached out to her. Cassie can see someone else’s memories and she knew what to do with the water but has no explanation why. Meanwhile, Isaac is waiting for Jake when he returns. Jake reports on Cassie’s magic and that Henry, an Elder, was killed. His energy came back and it led them straight to her body. That’s some cool witchy voo-doo. You die but your energy can still reach out to people. Isaac wants to strike now – kill Cassie and her Circle and move on but Jake wants to find out more about Cassie before they kill her. Here’s where I see glimmers of doubt and attachment starting – I highly doubt Jake will follow through and kill Cassie.

After having her memory wiped, Jane’s back and, ahem, “normal”. Cassie tells Jane about Henry’s murder and finds out Jane was never inside the house yet her scarf was found inside…Uh-oh…Charles and Dawn screwed up. Damage control!

This was a good episode and I really liked the twist with Faye and the residual energy. Cassie is getting more powerful and Jake’s totally infiltrated the Circle thanks to her defense. Next episode, watch it all unravel with me on another exciting episode of The Secret Circle, in “Balcoin”. Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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