This week on The Secret Circle, in “Balcoin”, Cassie discovers her dark family past, and Jake takes a stand, and Isaac drops a bomb!

"Balcoin" -- Pictured (L-R): Ashley Crow as Jane and Gale Harold as Charles in The Secret Circle on The CW. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, I promise” ~ Jane

But you’re SO not. There’s something “not right” with Jane this episode. It starts off as innocent forgetfulness, like she doesn’t remember Henry died after Cassie told her. Jane brushes it off as tiredness but then it progresses to the point where Jane thinks Cassie is Amelia and Dawn is a teenager, she also has no idea who the Blackwell family were. At the Maritime Fundraiser, Charles sees this and realises that something went horribly wrong.

They seem to have altered her memories entirely or reverted them to a distant past. Dawn, of course, blames Charles because he wiped her memory and refused to hand over the crystal. That might be the case but I’m not so sure that if the crystal was in Dawn’s hands she would do much better. It’s one blunder after another for Team Ch-awn . These two evil “masterminds” are sloppy. If this was the Sopranos, they’d have both been whacked for their stupidity three episodes ago. They’re going to get caught soon and everything will unravel – I can see it coming, it’s just a matter of when.

This isn’t me acting like a jerk Cassie, this is me trying to be nice…what part of that don’t you understand ~ Jake

Faye, who is very affected by Henry’s death, is very disappointed that Dawn won’t miss the Maritime fundraiser to mourn Henry. She blames her for what happened. She just has no idea (poor thing) how right she is in that guess. In the meantime, Faye watches Jake and catches him snooping around the clubhouse. She lets Adam in on her suspicions – He’s only in their Circle because he’s after something.

Cassie has invited Jake over to try and figure out the symbols on the parchment. He separates the paper and reveal messages inside the pages. John Blackwell is her father but Amelia never talked about Cassie’s father so Cassie assumed it was too painful and didn’t ask about him. She sees her entire family tree and when Jakes sees it, and the name “Balcoin” he jumps up very suddenly and leaves in a hurry. It was like he saw a ghost so you know this can’t be good!

Jake tracks down Isaac and he tells her what was so troubling on the family tree – Cassie is related to the Balcoin family – a dark magic witch family. The name Balcoin was eventually changed to Blackwell. This is why Cassie can perform magic on her own – this is why she could save Diana within a magic blocking circle.

Later on, Jake is mean to Cassie to push her away because he has to eventually kill her. Can’t get cozy with you’re victim now can you? 😉 His jerk behavior works and Cassie leaves dejected. We all know Jake is obviously interested in Cassie but he has a job to do, so he has to try to fight his growing feelings to get up the nerve to follow through and kill her. Let’s face it folks – it’s not going to happen.

Isaac changes plans on Jake and decides to make his move right away – they’re going to kidnap Cassie that night. This forces Jake to make a decision, choose sides. He claims he’s chosen Isaac’s side but then he tries to save Cassie. Jake comes to her house to beg forgiveness and take her to the Maritime Fundraiser. Cassie relents and goes with him. Faye and the Circle keeps tabs on the two the entire night. I had to laugh with Adam shooting daggers from his eyes from behind the plants while Jake and Cassie danced together. Adam overhears everything between Jake and Isaac and fills everyone in on Jake’s real identity.

FYI…There is a super lame side story here about Diana trying to move on with some guy from school but it’s so poorly done, you forget that it’s even a part of the storyline. It’s a nonevent – nothing happens so I don’t understand why they wrote it into the script – it was pure filler. You’re hoping something happens but the guy they tried to pair Diana with was so boring, she could’ve had more chemistry with a rock. NEXT!

“Jake is a Witch-Hunter!” ~Adam

They’ve gone back to Jake’s house where instead of making out, Jake tells her about the Balcoin family past. He gives her this book and tells her about her father’s strong dark magic. This was what Calvin was trying to warn her about – this history makes her a target. Jake wants Cassie to leave with him – to save herself but she refuses. Then, she gets the kicker…Adam’s text that Jake is a witch hunter!

It’s confusing here because Jake seems like he’s trying to defy Isaac but at the same time, he is a witch-hunter accomplice. Cassie manages to go home and then Jake sees Cassie get chloroformed by Isaac’s men in her window. It’s at this point, he truly makes his choice because he runs to save Cassie.

Jake and the Circle reach the boat where Cassie is being held and realize they can’t cast magic on the boat because the boat is made of Ash wood. It acts like the iron and sulphur in the circle the witch-hunters made to prevent them from casting spells. Jake manages to convince them, with Faye’s backing, that he cares about Cassie and he wants to save her. He creates a distraction so Adam can get on the boat and rescue her. They manage to escape but Jake remains on the boat as it sails away. I didn’t get this part at all. He’s going to be punished for helping her escape, so his best bet is to get off the boat too. Then…Isaac drops a bomb:

“Cassie Blake is not the only child of Blackwell in the Circle” ~ Isaac

WHAAAAAT?! What a way to end a mid-season finale! Who is Blackwell’s other child? I have my guesses – Faye, namely, seeing as Jane revealed Dawn’s high school crush on Blackwell this episode. We will see in January! This episode was interesting and action packed. I liked the ending – you still aren’t quite sure about Jake 100% and you’re left dying to know who the other Blackwell kid could be. 2012 looks promising for this series. The episodes have not disappointed – no filler episodes anywhere and there has been good, creepy content. This show never bores you and is low on the cheese factor. I can’t wait until the New Year!

Come back on January 5th, 2012 and join me when an all new The Secret Circle returns. Catch it on the CW, Thursdays at 9pm!

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