On The Secret Circle, Grandma Kate admitted she can predict/see who is using power, but we still don’t know how that works. But it’s definitely something that will come in handy for her, so don’t forget that. In fact, there are a couple other things that you don’t want to forget… here’s a refresher!

the secret circle darkness

The Secret Circle Recap: Darkness – Season 1 Episode 10 – Oh, Mommy dearest!

“You think I’m evil?” ~ Cassie

In this episode of The Secret Circle Cassie finds out more about her bad-ass Balcoin past…Charles’ mom drops in for dinner and drama, and Faye shops around for a little magical SOS…

Dream a little dream? Cassie dreams that Jake comes to see her and she asks him whose side he’s really on. He’s comes back to talk to her about the dark magic. She chokes him with her super evil Balcoin power a wakes up with a start to realise it was a really bad dream…Cassie wants to bring Jake back to explain somethings to her about dark magic because he has knowledge about magic that no one else in the Circle has. Mind you, no one else is keen on this thought after Jake moonlighted as a witch hunter.

Grandma Kate drops by; Charles’s meddling and pushy mother. She tells Charles about Diana and Adam’s break-up and drops in on “girlfriend” Dawn. She asks her point blank what she’s up to because she’s onto Dawn. Kate accuses her of using people and she won’t let her do that to her son. Uh-Oh, mommy-dearest is going to be a real thorn in Dawn’s side! Charles isn’t exactly thrilled to see her either.

“I want to be a real witch instead of this ‘spell by committee’ thing” ~ Faye

Faye’s up to no good (as usual). She goes with Melissa to some voo-doo guy to put a spell on her to improve her magic. The magic apparently ‘opens up your latent powers from your heart to your head’. Ummhmm…suuure it does…The voo-doo guy, Lee, casts some witchy juju and paints a red star on Faye’s boob. Not very impressive. Faye goes home and tries out her powers and nothing “surprise!”…nothing happens. Gee, we didn’t see that coming? Faye figures out later that he was using fake blood and BS to fool her. She is pretty pissed and trashes his place. There’s definitely some chemistry going on here between Faye and Lee. Even though he was totally bogus, she still agrees to let him help her. Faye steals a page from Cassie’s Book of Shadows to practice solo again.

“The scary part is…I liked it” ~ Cassie
“Liked what?” ~ Diana
“The feeling of power” ~ Cassie
“Just how powerful are you?” ~ Diana

Cassie walks in on Adam sharing her dirty little family secret with Diana and in anger, she unwittingly hurts him in the same way she hurt Jake in her nightmare. Thankfully, she manages to stop but she’s shaken and Diana and Adam are totally shocked by her attack. They’re beginning to realise just how powerful Cassie’s dark magic is…and, that she’s not completely in control of it. It’s a bad combo. Later on, Adam stops by to aplogise for breaking Cassies’ trust. She nearly kills him and he’s apologising to her! The apology was a little over the top.

“Dawn, we are NOT killing anyone else, certainly not my mother” ~ Charles

Well that just about sums up the dinner party! Yes Dawn, that’s the solution – kill everyone that poses a possible threat *sighs*… She shows up at the house, crashes dinner and smooches Charles. Talk about no chemistry whatsoever. They can’t even fake this one away. What is Dawn up to? Here comes the funny part of the night – Dawn brings a bottle of wine for dinner, and Charles, in his paranoia, dumps it down the drain because he thinks she poisoned the wine! HAHA! Kind of hard to scheme with someone when they try to kill everyone around you including your mom 😉

“Bit by bit, the darkness took him over. He allowed it to” ~ Kate

Cassie is still having nightmare’s. Charles’s mom speaks to her and tells her she knows about her dark magic. In what seems to be friendly pity, she explains some of it to Cassie. She suggests a spell that can help her defeat the darkness and prevent it from taking hold. Cassie, desperate to not become like her Balcoin ancestors, eagerly clings to Kate’s words of hope thinking Kate can “cure” her and remove the darkness. She takes Cassie out into the woods while back at the house, Diana finds some interesting items in Kate’s luggage. She figures out that Cassie is in trouble and Kate has ulterior motives. Uh-oh…granny lied!

There is an altar in the middle of the forest – ummm, that doesn’t bode well…if I were Cassie, I would run! She cuts Cassie’s hand and when Cassie puts her hand in the middle of the Circle, some crazy wind starts up and Cassie collapses?! WTF?! Kate plans on burying Cassie alive to kill her evil magic. OH DAMN! – this part creeped me out…the whole buried alive scene. Somehow, Cassie breaks out using her dark magic. She’s CRAZYstrong!

“Are you alright?” ~ Diana
“I don’t know…”~ Cassie

Charles finally admits that Dawn was right about her mother and they need to do something about it. It’s never good when Dawn is right. Charles catches Kate in a lie and confronts her about trying to kill Cassie Blake. She tells him she wanted to bring Cassie to the brink of death to “test her”. She’s a liar. Kate can tell Charles was using magic and had something to do with Henry’s death. Apparently, she can see imprints of people’s magic. It seems like Kate has some kind of “seeing”/predicting power that isn’t quite explained this episode. Diana apologises to Cassie for her Grandmother’s actions: ‘Sorry my granny tried to bury you alive n’ stuff, I hope we can still be friends!’ What did it feel like? Ummm, crappy. Who asks that?! Gee, what did being buried alive feel like? *insert bitch slap*.

Last but not least, it looks like Jake’s back because Cassie managed to pull him back! This should be interesting!

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