The 80’s party exploded into a bigger fight, but who was it that left with the biggest bruised ego?

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 6 recap

Slade Smiley – He wore a mullet to the party, but reaction to that was nothing compared to bullet he sent to Vicki Gunvalson. Worse yet, he defended his actions. Free speech has never looked so classless.

Heather Dubrow – Uptight perfectionist Heather had the gall to act surprised when she saw the women acting like catty preschoolers. Are we supposed to believe she hasn’t done her researched to know to expect this? Doesn’t she know you can’t act above it when you willingly sign up to be part of it?

Tamra Barney – She’s pulled in many directions, but finally went to help Vicki. Although we’re not sure a warning of, “you’re going to have a nervous breakdown” really helps anyone.

Vicki Gunvalson – Though she has reasons to be upset, she does tend to be hypocritical. More pathetic, she uses her ill daughter as an excuse for everything.

Alexis Bellino – She decided to get a nose job then spent the entire episode crying and yelling at everyone who mentioned it.

Gretchen Rossi – This bratty victim doesn’t know how to shut up or see things from another point of view. Defending Slade is pulling her down in the mud.