Below is a review of The Real Housewives of Orange County episode titled “Speech Therapy.”



“You can have a moment of love about anything.” – Heather, being smart – as always

She had a fancy dinner with Terry, and he tried to make things right. After he brought up divorce to her, and told their friends, it was so… like, shocking.


Though she has reasons to be mad with her Mom, pulling out the guilt card like she did was kind of a dramatic act. See, Tamra decided she’d talk about certain things in a speech that her Mom would hear. And then, after the speech at the LA Women’s Expo, she asked pointed questions like, “Why didn’t you ever say you loved me?” That’s a good question to ask. But I’m not sure the setting was right. It seemed a little conniving or something. Like, Tamra wanted to trap her Mom somehow. But, I am proud that Tamra recognizes she has problems with anger. We’ll see if she an work on that or not.

It seems like Tamra just likes dramatics, she could have warned her Mom her speech would be emotional. But she decided to wait and have it be a huge splash.

I’m not sure the speech topic was the right one for the expo…but I could be wrong. I’m also not sure there was a thousand people in that audience.

But what I do know is that I teared up a little bit after listening to her speaking. And I think she was very good at giving the speech.

“Never allow yourself to be a victim. Always be a survivor. And remember, strong is the new skinny.” – Tamra


Even if her dog dies, she thinks Lydia would make her happy. And it’s true – Lydia is a happy person. Although I don’t think Alexis owns a dog. Still in her vocabulary is the word “bullying.” As in, all of the girls are bullying her. Which, of course, they are not. Alexis is just whackadoodle.

We saw a little clip of her working out at Sky Zone. It actually does look fun, but also incredibly intimidating and even kind of chaotic.


“I don’t make dinner, I make reservations.” – Lydia, on how domesticated she is.

Did anyone else pick up on how BIG her ears are? Oh, poor, sweet Lydia! She wears her hair back a lot, too. But I kind of love that she hasn’t pinned them back or anything.

I do feel like she’s kind of enabling her Mom a bit when she backpedals and say he’s okay that she can smoke pot.


She’s ready to have a baby. Slade needs to un-do his vasectomy for this to happen. Nice.

The doctor said her uterus was “lush.” He also said her follicles were “pleasantly plush.” Man.


Vicki said something about how she won’t break up with Brooks .. so it proves that she had really had never broken up with Brooks at any point. I just hate what a liar she seems to be when it comes to Brooks. She manipulates the truth, at least.

Brooks is horribly manipulative in general, of course. He wants Vicki to feel guilty that she won’t pull away from her family more.

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