Was Heather Dubrow really an actress? As she goes around flaunting about her acting career, it turns out there’s some weight behind it.

Photo: BRAVO

We looked up Heather Dubrow on IMDB to see what shows she was an actress on, if any. Turns out, you might actually remember her. Dubrow used to go by the name of “Heather Paige Kent” and she made a dent in sitcoms of the 90’s. Her first role was a stint on Married with Children. She then starred as Kate on the short-lived Life with Roger, and Maggie on the quickly canceled Jenny (Jenny McCarthy‘s show.)

After the 90’s, Dubrow starred in Stark Raving Mad, and That’s Life. Both were rather short lived series.

While her acting career was long, none of the projects she was attached to ever took off with great promise. By and far, her most famous role as been playing herself on The Real Housewives of Orange County. On the show she’s the richest, mst pretentious of the housewives.