So, Melissa Gorga is going to be the new villain, huh?

The ladies of RHONJ for Season 5. Photo: Bravo

The ladies of RHONJ for Season 5. Photo: Bravo

You guys know that I am a Social DJ for Sidecastr (available on iPad!) and tonight I covered RHONJ. I see all the tweets of people using the appropriate hashtags, and then highlight the best ones. And because I spend an hour looking at all of those tweets and see what themes and comments are repeated, I really know what the general impression was of the episode.

RHONJ fans are not excited about #Princesses aka Princesses: Long Island
Apparently the fanbase doesn’t translate. I watched the episode, and felt like it was kind of annoying to watch these spoiled young girls.

The Kids are Beloved
Everyone loves all of the kids on the show – from Milania Giudice to Antonia Gorga. People are torn on Gia Giudice, though. She’s getting older and her attitude is changing. What everyone agrees about is that the parents are involving their kids in their drama way too much.

No one likes Caroline Manzo
She’s up in everyone’s business, and trying to be a martyr.

Melissa Gorga is the new villain
Teresa Giuduce isn’t a saint, but at least she put forth effort during the play date.