If you missed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 2 episode on Bravo last night, let us give you a recap of the major points you need to know.

The episode was titled “Leis and Lies in Lanai” – so naturally the group would be going to Hawaii. But we didn’t get there until the White Party scene was extended to show three things.

  1. Taylor fuming, but silent in the car next to her husband. He asks if they should fly back to Vegas. She says Camile exaggerated, and Russel talks over her to say that it was all complete lies and he doesn’t want such false things said about him. In an interview to the camera, we hear Taylor saying “they were not complete lies.” But in the car she stayed silent.
  2. The entire group commiserates about what just happened. Kyle still believes Russell Armstrong might be innocent of any physical abuse. She’s the only one of that opinion.
  3. Finally, the group start to have a bit of fun. Kyle and Maurico take center stage with Portia as they dance. You can even order greasy french fries at this party. Seems like a pretty nice way to spend an evening. Too bad Taylor and her ginormous peacock feather earrings had to go.

The next scene is Taylor in therapy, sans Russel. She’s talking about how upset she is. When she got home from that limo drive of silent hell with Russel he prints out the e-mail he sent to Camile. Taylor says she was floored by how direct it was, and how he gave Camile no “out.” The e-mail said Camile had to confess she’d lied in what she said or she’d be sued. Taylor continues to talk in therapy. She’s upset she was not invited to Hawaii with everyone else. She’s realizing the high cost of having a husband like this.

Meanwhile, everyone else (and we mean everyone) is going to Hawaii to celebrate Mauricio’s birthday. That is, except for Kyle’s sister, Kim. Less than an hour before boarding (and while they’re all sitting in some first class lounge, having cocktails) Kim calls to say she doesn’t have an ID and she hasn’t even left her house yet. Everyone’s annoyed, none moreso than Kyle. Kim agrees to take the next flight. (Kim has been in rehab since season 2 wrapped, and The Hollywood Reporter says she’s still there.)

All you need to know about Kim in this episode is that she never shows up. She misses her next flight and always has an excuse.

While in Hawaii everyone wears bikini’s and coverup’s while sitting on the beach – though none seem interested in going in a pool or the ocean. It’s just cocktails and laying in tiny bikini’s with big hats while gossiping. Only they decided to spend tons of money to do it on an island.

Lisa gets annoyed that Brandi is flirting with Ken. But Camile and Brandi are becoming good friends as fellow single girls.

Lisa gets a phone call from Taylor, and Kyle is there to hear the news that Taylor says “Well, my marriage is over.” Taylor says that Russel is moving out. Kyle says she hope he really is moving out and that this nightmare is over. Sure.