For a show where you can promote your brand for the entire hour, The Rachel Zoe Project hardly gave a hoot towards the opening of DreamDry.

rachel zoe bangs

Are you still into Rachel Zoe’s bangs?

Babies, babies, babies!

Joey made a brief appearance in last night’s episode and set the tone, as only Joey can.  In his longest scene of the entire season, he echoed Rodger’s questions about having a second child. Her hubby nudged her throughout the episode on the subject and he sounded like Rachel did while laying the groundwork for a home in N.Y.

But, Joey got through the barricade of silence Rachel puts up to keep Rodger at bay.

The push back from questions was tense at times with the boss listing the reasons she doesn’t think it’s practical to have another baby.

The reasons sound so 2010 and that is because they are.

Joey was around much more back in the day when The Rachel Zoe Project was pulling in good ratings and she was whining that she didn’t have time for a baby.

If you haven’t heard the rumors about the show’s cancellation, just move on over to last week’s piece here at

“I don’t have time to shower on most days,” Zoe exclaims as she sits before the cameras in full stage makeup, bangs blown out to perfection, designer jewelry and clothing.

“If I didn’t work and have 18 jobs I would have four kids. I mean, I started a little late to the party,” to which Joey replied, “Hey 40 is the new 20,”

That was it! Rachel reared up to say, “Hey, who’s 40 in this room? Not me, bitch!”

OK, so let’s ponder that just for a quick second. Rachel Zoe is 41 and will be 42 in September. Was our little Rach trying to say that age isn’t an issue in conceiving for her or are we to glean from this catty exchange that she just hates the sound of the number 40?

Joey kept pressing and counted the ways that Rachel makes things work in her life if she wants to. After whining and excuses that he called “bull@#$t” he made her look at herself, literally and admit that she isn’t like other working moms. Yup, she’s wearing Balenciaga for the occasion, six-inch platform boots and a necklace that could injure someone if used as a weapon.

In one of the final scenes during last night’s show, Rachel was heating something up on the stove for Sky-Sky (that nickname is getting massively annoying) with her kitchen in pristine shape, while she was once again swathed in vintage everything and her son nowhere in sight.

She called him like you would a pet, whose food you just put in a bowl and he appeared with his full time nanny. Does anyone think she couldn’t manage a second child with a second nanny along for the ride?

Rachel in her natural habitat — Bohemian style photo shoot

Glamour magazine gave our little Miss Zoe the opportunity to style multiple models in outfits that she would wear and probably does.

The big news was that the Rachel Zoe collection made its first appearance at a magazine shoot and it was duly noted.

The most fun last night was watching Rachel recall the days when her entire life was styling models.

Once again, there was no drama or hissy fits. Eileen, her styling assistant had done all the work, provided “options” galore and none displeased the boss.


Do you plan to visit DreamDry?

DreamDry Opens without fanfare.

The angst from previous episodes melted away as the N.Y. salon opened. You must catch the camera views as it moved from room to room and focused on the opulent surroundings. I still say that our good pal Jeremiah, the furnishings maven, should have been part of the show to work with the N.Y. people.

Now that would have been fantastic, right? Just think of the conference calls. It might have required Joey being at Rachel’s side in California as Jeremiah came apart at the seams in N.Y.

We might have gotten some great frosty exchanges between him and Mandana, who never thought he belonged in the company to begin with.

Talk about anti-climatic, there was no scene of the DreamDry grand opening.

Good Morning America called…

Rachel and Rodger hauled themselves out of a Manhattan hotel bed to make a 6:00 AM limo pickup to take them to the ABC studios for an appearance. We got none of the video clips from the show. None. But we did see the couple photographed on the way in and the way out. Really?

We also got Rachel on record calling herself a psycho, which we’ll take as a bone thrown to us. Noting that she was juggling the designer, stylist and entrepreneur sides of her, she explained her world.

“Sometimes I feel like I have my Psycho Stylist hat on, then a Designer hat on, Psycho-Mommy-Designer-Stylist hat on.

I wear so many hats sometimes I feel like a big psycho.”

What are we left with?

The staff was visible for mere seconds during last night’s show. The episode was like a travelogue of Rachel’s busy life with the diversity of her businesses on full display.

Once again there was no reason to be on edge or to wonder who was plotting a dastardly deed. No soap opera quality to the show means glamour takes over. While that’s nice, there is definitely something lacking and it appears the ratings are proving that.

Rachel got belated birthday gifts from her pal from London, William Banks-Blaney. The vintage king of the world schlepped it all from England to put on racks and have Rachel choose something. More clothing, she doesn’t need but wants very badly.

William asked Rodger if the vintage 1950’s handbag anniversary present he had picked out for him, went over well with Rachel. Of course it did, but she hasn’t worn it once. “We’ve been so busy,” Rodger explained as a purse worth tens of thousands of dollars sat in her Beverly Hills closet the size of a small apartment.

We always knew that Rachel and Rodger were wealthy but the abundance of riches has hit a new high this season. While we haven’t resented them for being among the “1%”, there is a bit of a rumble that maybe it’s enough already.

Is this how it all ends? It looks like that.

Written by Paula Duffy. Talk back to her about The Rachel Zoe Project on Twitter: @jurisdiva. Catch up with her sports fanaticism on Duffy