Zoe worshippers, me included couldn’t be blamed for feeling like we got a peek inside Rach’s shrink sessions. Not that she has them, mind you.

rachel zoe bangs

Do you dig Rachel Zoe’s new bangs?

Rachel becomes a billboard

Our Rachel had to deal with her debut as a celebrity endorser and face of a new product. That meant taping commercials and dealing with seeing herself in ads.

Jockey chose her and of course she agreed to be the face of their new ShapeWear undergarments to rival the ever popular Spanx brand.

“Do you think anyone will notice it?”

The episode began as Zoe readied herself for the Big Reveal of a building-high advertisement. There she was fifty feet tall for every commuter to see.

With Mandana by her side, she stared at herself in all her glory. Discomfort oozed from every pore as she critiqued it, while wearing protective armour consisting of the largest pair of sunglasses in the history of the world and a big floppy hat.

What did she have to say for herself. “Do you think anyone will notice it?” You can’t make this stuff up.

“Oh my God, that is freakishly large.” It’s the most surreal uncomfortable, surreal…” Rodger christened her “Godzilla Rachel”.

What’s the big deal?

It’s that a lady who gained fame for behind the scenes work with the stars who usually pose for those billboards is now out front and center.

mandana dayani

Mandana is on Team Zoe

But she has her picture taken everywhere doesn’t she and aren’t we watching her on TV in her own reality show? Yup, but it’s different according to Rachel.

Being the subject of an ad campaign opens her up to being critiqued for something she can’t control. Posing in photo shoots and running lines in a TV commercial are not her strong suits, she insists.

It’s the next step in being a mega-mogul and everyone around her is excited for this opportunity except Rachel. There is no rational way to explain why she signed the deal to do it, posed for photos knowing she’d be on a billboard and wishes she hadn’t. Don’t ask.

“I really suck at teleprompters. Oh my God, this is crazy”

The taping of the Jockey TV ads was trying at best. The director didn’t know what he was in for. You know when a famous person is being a pain in the butt, but the people around have to make light of it? You get the picture.

Messing up the prepared lines rolling on a teleprompter was becoming a disaster, but her refusal to say certain words like “cheeky” was the topper. “I literally can’t say the word cheeky. No.” Flirty was the substitute she got and the action continued. “Sometimes I feel like a robot. ‘Hi I’m Rachel Zoe. If you wind me up and I will go”

Nine separate vignettes of 15 seconds each, with four lines of dialogue sent her into a tizzy.

Zoe revealed that her success is based on her winging it, without scripts of any kind. In all areas of her life and her career, Rachel truly believes that without rules she excels.

“Everything in my life works out when I wing it. I winged my pregnancy. I wing my job. It’s just better.”

Marissa promised to eliminate scripts in the future. Even she is convinced that Impromptu Zoe is the only way to do it from now on.

A therapist would have a field day with that, but since we are kind of like viewer-therapists here’s one opinion. Even wildly successful people fear failure. Planning and executing on that plan might lead to disaster. Winging it gives you the excuse of not having planned. What do you think?

Rodger is folding like a cheap suit on the subject of a N.Y. apartment.

It was inevitable, right? You knew Rachel would wear him down like a termite eating away at a home’s foundation. First it was the money as the main objection. Then it was the disruption of their family life and now Rodger Berman admitted his true reason for standing in the way of a bi-coastal life.

“The reason I don’t want a New York City apartment is actually because I really want my favorite things in one place. What if I want my black tux and it’s in LA when it needs to be in New York? That would drive me crazy.”

rachel zoe rings

Have you bought any of Rachel Zoe’s rings on QVC?

Yes, you heard it. That’s the only barrier left for Rach to conquer. Last week, the staff was heard grumbling that they’d be on 24 hour panic watch, forced to ship parts of the couple’s closet on a moment’s notice.

This is really a staff problem, not Rachel’s any longer. There is no doubt Rodger will be signing a lease in N.Y. by season’s end.

This is what Rodger does when he’s bored

I almost forgot Rodger getting braids in his hair. It is either the best or worst scene in the entire series that features him, depending on how funny you think it is.

He allowed the staff to gather and start taking that scraggly, long hair around his face and braid it. It was a scene out of a girls’ sleepover. A lady on each side of him with her own interpretation, giggling while working on what they called “great hair”.

Between Rachel’s angst over her bangs (oh yes that still happens) and Rodger trying out new ways to deal with his long hair, we learned that no matter how rich you are, you can never be totally happy with your hair.

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