In the first episode of The Rachel Zoe Project season 3 we got Demi Moore and a gargantuan, waste-disposing giraffe (it was bananas!) In the second episode, what do you predict we’ll have? We’re sure there are more fashion meltdown moments around every bend. To be sure, even for those who love fashion it’s hard to imagine people getting so worked up over a pair of bloomers – Marc Jacobs or not.

The Rachel Zoe Project Logo

In episode 2, it’s all coming down to getting a silver Versace dress for Cameron (that’d be Cameron Diaz, my dahlings) for an awards show. But even with the awards show days away, the duo of Rachel and Brad decide to do what most women do after a bad break-up (and in a way, they’re both victims of a bad break-up with Taylor Jacobson): shop! And maybe even change their hair? (Don’t go for a drastic haircut, nooo!) Seems Rachel may even have another agenda: giving Brad an entirely new style. But will he give up his bow-ties?

The Rachel Zoe Project promos for this second episode are after the jump.