Our Rachel was in “I want it” mode last night as the show ran the gamut from celebrity polo to a Jamie King photo shoot for InStyle magazine.


Rachel announces plans for a second home and a second child

The shocker on Zoe’s list was her stated desire to have a little girl to dress up like Skyler. Her name is picked out already and even Rodger didn’t know. Luna will be her name. Luna Berman? Not sure it has that cache’, but what the heck do mere mortals like me know? More of a shock was the setting for her announcement. She and Rog were having a couples wine-cocktail session with Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Hilfiger.

Hilfiger echoed the European designers who told her last week to be true to her vision for the collection but…be identifiable and lucky to pick a style that the market was hungry for.

The “I want it” theme extended to her need for a Sixties clothing session fix and then it found the motherload of wants: an apartment in New York City.

Michael the Design Director is Zoe’s new bestie

Rachel introduced him to us by saying, “He works incredibly hard to execute my vision for the collection. He’s an angel. I love him.”

Stationed with the design team in New York, Michael also played the part of Brad and Joey, who in the past would go on shopping excursions when tens of thousands of dollars were spent without conscience

Remember last week when Rachel was rewarded with a vintage handbag for refraining from shopping in Paris?

Her natural shopping gene could not be denied any further. So very proud of herself for working diligently with Michael to make a thousand different decisions for her Fall 2013 collection, she stormed the beaches of Resurrection, her favorite vintage shop on Melrose Ave in L.A..

The ladies in the shop fell into her arms, not having seen her for ages….in other words, pre-bangs days. A vintage Gucci coat called her name. Rachel looked at herself in a mirror and said, “I’m gonna quote a good friend of mine. ‘The only thing wrong with this is that I don’t have it yet.’ ” The coat and many others like it didn’t stand a chance. When all was said and done, the damage to Rog’s finances was incalculable. Would we expect any less?

The Sixties style fix was satisfied by InStyle magazine

Ariel Foxman himself, InStyle’s Managing Editor met up with our Rach to plot a photo spread in the magazine. Rachel delegated it all to Eileen, the new styling associate. She once again demonstrated that she has changed from the micro manager of yesteryear. Maybe she’s just found someone she can trust?

Rachel reveled in the outfits pulled together for the shoot by Eileen.

Jamie King, an old pal of Rach modeled classic hats, sunglasses, dresses, coats and shoes that are embedded in the fashion history of the 1960s. The bottom line? “Jamie King is Everything.”

Once again we got to be amazed at how Eileen goes about her business, providing options and things she knows Rachel will love. There is zero drama folks. Zero.

Here’s a question: was little Miss Zoe just being cheap hiring unknowns and up-and-comers like Brad and Taylor, or was she just a masochist?

Eileen calmly chose vintage sixties jewelry from Neil Lane and David Webb. She hit the motherload at Webb’s place, finding a peace sign necklace encrusted in rock crystals set in yellow gold. Maj!

The collection is Everything

The Prototype Review Pre-Fall followed up on Michael’s visit.

Yup, it’s like a new software release. As Lauren, Zoe’s collection manager put it, “It’s the first time Rachel sees her vision come to life.”

When Mandana noted that a pair of pants was missing a seam that she asked for, Zoe responded playfully with the reference to the chateau in the south of France. Eyes rolled slightly as Mandana continued her endless attempts at keeping Rachel focused.

Black and white dominated the pieces. While she wears a “splash” of color on her body, black and white is her signature. It was mentioned twice in the episode last night. Once by Rodger who is trying to make the collection more commercially viable. The other time was by Michael who is the only one who she won’t insult about it. Nonetheless, he lost the argument at one point.

When Michael pointed to a shade of deep pink for the proverbial “splash” he called it amazing. and saw it in cashmere for one of her pieces.

Here’s how it went down. Michael: “Women love pink.” Rachel:  “It’s the only thing I have an allergy to. It’s very Barbie and bridal. I can’t. It’s bubblegum. Will someone tell me why everyone loves pink? I literally don’t understand what the obsession is.”

When all was said and done, a Bordeaux wine red had to substitute for the Rachel Zoe Fall 2013 collection. “How does Rachel Zoe do pink? She does Bordeaux wine,” said the boss.

The campaign for a N.Y. apartment began in earnest.

Rachel was ready for every objection thrown at her by Rodger.

It turns out it isn’t just the money. You know when someone says that, it almost always is about the money, right?

Rog is fighting to keep their home life clearly defined, he says. California is “home”. New York is work. He believes that it will provide stability for the family, but mostly him since Rach doesn’t care and this is one thing Skyler doesn’t get to decide.

Rachel informed her hubby that she needs to spend more time in New York with Michael. Rather than more trips, she’d rather have them last longer. Sounds logical, right?  She wants the comfort of her stuff in New York rather than a suite at a hotel.

While Rodger ended it with “It isn’t going to happen,” the sneak peek video of the next week’s episode revealed them visiting a N.Y. apartment, you know, just for the fun of it.

What’s the over-under bet for how long Zoe has to wait to get what she wants? I’ll set the line right now at a couple of months so that it coincides with the opening of DreamDry.

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