We are so over the bangs angst! Where’s the rest of the drama? The talk online is all about the poor ratings this season for The Rachel Zoe Project’s fifth season.

rachel zoe rings

“How can I seem relevant again?” might be what Rachel Zoe is thinking here.

Perez Hilton says it’s a done deal, that Bravo has made its decision to end the series. All we’re waiting for is the timing of an announcement says Hilton.

Bravo countered that with this statement:

“‘’The Rachel Zoe Project’ and ‘It’s a Brad, Brad World’ are both currently on the air during our Fashion Night. There has been no decision on either show for next season,” says a Bravo spokesperson.”

What has happened to the allure of this series? Here are just some ideas gleaned from watching all episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project season 5….

1) Rachel is too happy

2) Her employees aren’t catty with each other

3) The baby focus is boring

4) The bangs angst is getting tiresome

5) No Brad

6) No Joey

7) Where’s the tension?

8) Big company, lots of new faces and no backstory on any of them

9) Rodger’s hair

10) No one’s on the brink of a breakdown

What else could be dragging it down? Let’s hear what you have to say.

Of course you know that Brad (Goreski) is crowing about this behind the scenes, right?

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