The Pigott Brothers are closely connected to TV.  They were  two favorites on Canadian Idol, and their music has been featured on Being Erica (a show we recently hyped up, with good reason) alongside Sebastian Pigott‘s acting gig as Kai Booker on the show. They have now released their debut album, Pigottry which is filled with songs that are lyrically poignant and showcase their accomplished, complimentary musical talents.

Oliver Pigott made some time for us in his chaotic schedule to talk about what it’s like to look back at his Idol audition, and what one truly odd fan request has been.

Put them on your radar: The Pigott Brothers / Photo by Pamela Detlor (Click to enlarge)

I see some tour dates for Toronto shows, do you have plans to come to The States anytime soon? What would be one random US city or state you’d really love to play?

We’ve played California and Arizona in various capacities many times, but have yet to play anywhere else. I would love to play New York City, but am looking forward to touring the US as a whole. It’s a pretty diverse country.

You guys are currently offering to custom autograph copies of Pigottry that fans buy on your website.What’s one of the oddest text submissions you’ve written out for a fan?

I was asked once to write that I thought their shoes were very attractive, and their parents were wrong to be angry about the purchase.

Pigott Brothers 2009 Photo by Pamela Detlor (Click to enlarge)

Have you ever gone back to look at your Canadian Idol audition on YouTube? What are your thoughts? How far have you come since then?

No, but I do recall being really self-conscious in front of rolling cameras. It was a bizarre sensation because I haven’t experienced nerves onstage in eons. I learned a lot from Sebastian in that respect; about how the smallest movement on TV looks massive. Now TV performance feels almost like second nature.

For the newer, potential fans out there, what’s the one song you’d like them to definitely listen to first?

Alien Like You, and then Let Your Devil Die. (Editor’s note: We’ve put videos below for you to listen to both songs.)

Sebastian Piggot with Erin Karpluk, behind the scenes for Being Erica’s second season.

Will you be watching Sebastian on Being Erica season 3?

I’ll definitely be watching it.

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We’d love to hear more of The Pigott Brothers on TV series, so musical supervisors and consultants – make sure to give them a listen!

The Pigott Brothers Official Website

Sample all of the songs from their debut album, Pigottry,  on the “Music” section of their site. (Aside from the two songs Oliver mentioned, we especially recommend “Still On Your Mind” and “Rich Man.”)

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