For those who earnestly love the bromance of Pauly Del Vecchio and Vinny Guadagnino, you find the The Pauly D Project a bit insulting. He’s cheating on Vinny with at least four other bro’s!

Photo: MTV

See, Pauly and Vinny’s bromance is nothing compared to Pauly’s “real” (because reality TV, shockingly, is not always real) friendships with the guys (it feels weird to call them “men” given how they act) on the new MTV series. And this offense against Vinny is no where near as insulting to fans as the borderline unwatchable mess the pilot was.

The premise of the show is that DJ Pauly D transports his life and his crew (would the kids call it that?) to Las Vegas so he can be the DJ at The Palms. (Anyone else here the last name Maloof? Yea, buddy*.)

Although MTV is known for making its shows feel fast-paced, with no villain and no true high stakes (we already knew Pauly was getting the job) the show is giving us nothing exciting to watch.

The premiere episode of The Pauly D Project was all about making the move from Rhode Island to Las Vegas. There, Pauly is surprised that he has, “bathrooms inside of bathrooms you have to go through to get to the bathroom.” It occurs to him that, “I could s*%t all day!” In style, no less. That is, between nights out fist-pumping, scoring girls, and having drinks.

the pauly d project

But can Pauly carry an entire show? No. That’s why we have his friends. And they all have official (or unofficial) titles. There’s Big Jerry (bodyguard – although probably not on The Jersey Shore), Ryan (social planner and wingman),and Biggie (?). They’re all fairly charmless as an entourage.

Gawker astutely writes of the show, “A spin-off documenting the jet-setting life of the most likeable Jersey Shore cast member (not that that’s saying much) and his band of disciples, Project has all the charisma and excitement of belly button lint acting out Entourage.”

We can’t help wishing to see some drama in the way of poof (Snooki), some abs (Mike “The Situation”) or to hear someone say “merp!” (Deena Cortese‘s calling card.) And if The Pauly D Project left us feeling that way, we suspect some of you are feeling the same.

Did you watch The Pauly D Project? If so, lend us your thoughts.

*They all say that phrase, which kind of takes away its specialness. Pauly has no right to tell Ronnie not to use it when all of his friends (aka minions) do!