That’s so woof’d! Do you recall Ryan talking about his “Woof” creation on The Office? Well, it’s WUPHF, and it’s real now!

the office woof

You gotta check out the site that the NBC people have put together.

WUPHF.COM is a crazy revolutionary program that ties all your communication portals together. Join today and link up your, emails, faxes, text messages, voicemails, tweets, chat programs, and pages with a single “WUPHF!”

On the Wuphf about page, Ryan writes that he is the creator, founder and chief executive officer of this site. He also calls himself a “pioneer of Internet communications technology.” Challenges in Ryan’s life have included drug addiction, his downplayed “beautyism,” a mild eating disorder and ADHD. The most obvious lie is that he writes he gave up being a corporate exec in NYC to “return to his roots” just so he could start this site and help his hometown’s economy.

With his company is on the rise, and his eye for edgy photographs excelling, Ryan Howard is looking to a future so bright, it’s blinding! Always bold and never boring. Get out of his way, he is… RYAN HOWARD.

Do you think Shakira will want to sue for that tagline of “whenever, wherever.” Well, maybe that’s a point Kelly can bring up. Ryan’s more interested in hipster indie bands like Arcade Fire (as you can learn on the site.)

the office wuphfWhat’s scary is that Ryan seems to have learned business techniques from Michael Scott. Such as, always offering a guarantee.

Have you seen the film The Social Network? Well this site is every bit as good as that movie. Not only is this company going to earn you crazy money, I guarantee it, it will also give you the opportunity to get on the ground floor of something big! Looking back, don’t you wish you bought Google stock back in 2002? Don’t you regret not buying Microsoft bonds back in the early 90s?

Last but not least, who is vouching for Wuphf? Kelly, Erin, Creed and Michael are all lending their support via testimonials.

AFAIC, you should sign up for Wuphf ASAP. It makes me SHICPMP. I would H8 my life w/o it. *K* -K. Kapoor (Editor’s note: Is is wrong I know she means “so happy I could pee my pants”?)

Great idea. The light bulb of our time. -Erin Hannon. (Editor’s note: Erin would make such a good elementary school teacher.)

Michael: How do I put this lightly? Wuphf is OUTSTANDING. You get a message or a call from one person, and boom – all your communication devices are going off to alert you. It’s like my electronics are having a Christmas party and I want to be a part of it. Never again will I be late to get a message. Facebook request from Mrs. Doyle? Accepted immediately. Who knew she was even still alive?? Fax of a photocopied butt from Packer? Hilarious! Saw it right away. Phone call from Citibank? Not gonna take it, but glad I heard my cell wuphf. It’s the way of the future! Wuphf ya sign up already? -Michael Scarn (Editor’s note: Why did he use his alias?)

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