It’s true, we don’t cover The Office on a normal basis right now. But last Thursdays episode, titled “Viewing Party” was so criminally good that we had to find a way to relive it.

the office viewing partyWhat we did was re-watch it, and then, as we have before with other shows, made a list of what we learned from the episode in question. This was a very serious task. While making the notes I had diet orange soda pop, and cracked my knuckles so that all around would know that I meant business. I felt like a Ninja Turtle. Kids these days probably don’t even know those turtles. But let’s not get off track, I’m sure I’ll see you all at the Ninja Turtle Rally next Monday.

Copycats? We think not. As Angela told Dwight, “Just say copies. Why do you have to drag cats into this?” (Knowledge from Angela.)

There are some things where, if you don’t see them live, you wouldn’t care if you saw them at all. Such as The Scranton Strangler stand-off situation and the whole Balloon Boy fiasco. At least, according to Jim. I think that Balloon Boy stuff is still amazing. The BOY was in a BALLOON. Only he wasn’t at all! I mean, when is the Lifetime movie coming out already? (Knowledge from Jim.)

For all future spaceship purchases, hope that your Grandparents were at a historic event and took gravel or sand from that place so you can sell it. (Knowledge from Michael.)

Saying “walk with me” can make you feel important. (Knowledge from Erin.)

The knowledge we learned in Glee about mash-up’s applies to a vast array of things. (Knowledge from Erin.)

It’s okay to hold grudges against Glee for inconsistencies. Hell, as TV bloggers, that’s what we get paid to do. (Knowledge from Kelly.)

Of all feelings to base a show on, Thirst would be better. (Knowledge from Dwight. Agreed to by Angela.)

Posters of images that used to be old French ads are classy. (Knowledge from Erin and Gabe.)

Calling your room a “man cave” is creepy. (Knowledge from Gabe.)

Pizza Dough flying into a ceiling fan is never not amusing. (Knowledge from Michael.)

Make the Glee happen! (Knowledge from Kevin.)

Do you create “soundscapes”? You are lame. (Knowledge from Gabe.)

Reverse cycling in babies means being up all night and sleeping all day. I happen to know that not just babies do this. (Knowledge from Pam.)

When you stage a walk-out, take note of who follows and reward them. (Knowledge from Dwight.)

You can’t flip the station during commercial breaks in a viewing party. (Knowledge given by me most every day, and also by Stanley.)

“I feel exactly like a seahorse.” (That was just a hysterical line, followed by Ed Nemmers making a seahorse sound. This is now a phrase that can be used to explain that you are happy and/or overstimulated.)

It’s not pigs in a blanket if you use dough from pizza. Those are pizza dogs. (Knowledge from Michael)

Eating pizza crust-first is the way to go. (Knowledge from Dwight.)

Join the real world, guys. Sex contracts exist. I happen to know you are named in at least two! (Knowledge from Dwight.)

Eating a pig in a blanket, in a blanket, is something that should go on all bucket lists. (Knowledge from Kevin.)

Powdered seahorses are hard to count. (Knowledge from Andy.)

So, what do you think? Who gave you the most important knowledge in the “Viewing Party” episode?