Some  of the cast of NBC's "The Office" in athletic gear.

Some of the cast of NBC's "The Office" in athletic gear. I'd much rather tweet about the Olympics than be a part of them, unless it was the special Office Olympics - that episode was so fun.

Ryan Howard has been blogging about the Olympics:

“Everyone is so consumed with the Olympics, but this is athletics at its purest. Here we see a skier, caught at the apex of a jump, outlined by quiet nature. The photo suggests that this man is skiing for his own enjoyment, not for some cold corporate sponsored spectacle to boost consumerism. There are no credit card banners or soda billboards lining his slope. I’d watch a show like that…if it didn’t have commercials.” (Click to see the picture and his full blog.)

As if that wasn’t good enough, Ryan, Kelly, and Erin have been tweeting about the Olympics, too!

Kelly: Watching the Chinese pairs team was hotter than “The Notebook”…

Ryan: This was a personal victory for me because I’m not rooting for America; I’m rooting for the world. RT @IAmKellyFierce Chinese pair wins gold

Erin: I’ve been rooting for Serbia and New Zealand in this year’s Winter Olympics because they need the fans. Plus I love their flags!

Kelly: The figure skaters outfits have been so scrumptious!

Ryan: Skeleton is the obscure maverick sport of the Winter Olympics. It’s all about haunting athletic moxie on metal sleds…

Ryan: …If I could photograph it, I’d do a bit of motion blur, lots of aperture, and no holds barred.

Kelly: Lindsey Vonn’s a gold medal winner *and* a model?! Jealousy crush…But does she know the rap to “Waterfalls”?

Erin: She looks like a Gossip Girl in goggles!