Bobbleheads remind me of those Weeble toys (those roly poly little babies of madness), and I actually had one of Mickey Mouse once. They really never get boring, which makes them an INVESTMENT! So, can I interest you in a Kelly Kapoor bobblehead? Mindy Kaling finally got a bobblehead for her character, Kelly, on The Office.

the Kelly Kapoor Bobblehead

the Kelly Kapoor Bobblehead

They take bobbleheads very seriously, as do I. They’re always a little creepy, but somehow you have to own them all. They give you collectable FEVAH. With cowbell.

On the honor of getting a bobblehead: “In other countries..idolatry is considered a sin…” – Mindy Kaling

Below is a video for you to watch as Angela Kinsey presents Mindy with her bobblehead. They remark on her cleavage, and small waist.

Now that you’ve seen that cuteness, do you want more Kelly Kapoor? The Sabre Corp website has posted a Q&A with Kelly as she’s the new Minority Executive.

The Office Kelly Kapoor Bobblehead

The Office Kelly Kapoor Bobblehead

I love this little excerpt:

What is the most challenging thing you have to face, as an Indian-American? “I hate it when everyone assumes that just because you’re Indian, you’re into all things Indian. I’m more than an Indian-American, I’m Kelly Kapoor.”

You’ve got to read it so you can see the genius part about Slumdog Millionaire, and Heather Locklear.

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