Tonight’s episode of The Office educated us about nepotism.

  • The West Nile virus will help you lose weight.
  • Hands free hydration is for busy people.
  • Aspiring freelance bodyguard (lifeguard?) is a thing.
  • Bigger the keychain, the more powerful the man.
  • It’s always a good time to invent National Icecream Afternoon.
  • Outsourced looks like a horrible new show.
  • Haven’t you seen Ghostbusters? Circles with lines through them are useful.
  • Mixing family and business is a beautiful thing. Or so Michael says.
  • The band Hansen would not have worked without brothers.
  • God used nepotism with Jesus. (Angela didn’t have a heart attack, weird.)
  • The Blair Witchunt Project. Nuff said. Someone needs to buy that domain name.
  • Conversations with crotches aren’t nearly as fun as you’d think.
  • The Apprentice has a new season, sans celebs. What the what! Boring.
  • Subway has new breakfast sandwiches, but none that look good.
  • Elevator’s disobeying people are hilarious.
  • If you get stuck in an elevator, first you must establish a pee corner.
  • If you freak out, call it a “stress-induced outburst.”

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