Just because The Office finale has aired it doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun in Scranton. Read on to see how YOU can get involved (in a liaison with Caleb Crawdad.)

Ever wanted to be in an episode of The Office? Do you fancy yourself a Jim or a Dwight? It’s time to decide! The Office Fanisode is a new program that will be splitting up the amazing episode “Murder” (one of my favorites of the season) into 86 segments that fans can recreate. Fans can do anything with their segment, make it however they want. Then all of these segments will be put together into the full “Murder” episode and uploaded onto NBC.com for everyone to watch and enjoy.

Direct Link: The Office Fanisode

Innovative participants can produce a new take on any one of the segments via live action, animation, claymation — or with any other creative media. Fans can view clips of the episode and read the script from each segment on NBC.com.

Registration is now open for users to sign up for the individual segments that they want to submit.

Once viewers have signed up, they can upload their own personalized re-imagining of the segment directly to NBC.com. Fans will also be able to earn points with NBC’s “Fan It” affinity program, redeemable for fun, Office-based prizes.

After all the segments are completed, NBC.com will edit the best submissions and will post the new fan-created “fanisode” online.

Watch The Office “Murder” online for free:

Do you remember how highly quotable this episode was? Check it out! The Office Murder quotes:

Jim: Once a year Dwight holds a seminar for us on karate. Because one thing we know that thousand-year-old martial arts do each year is … change.

Dwight: Somebody attack me. Kevin, Go!
Kevin: No WAY. Last time, you pulled my pants down and then you tried to choke me with my shoelace.
Dwight: False. I DID choke you with your shoelace.

Dwight: Michael, what is the meaning of this email that everyone got?
Michael: You’ll have to be more specific, Dwight. I get like eight emails today.

Dwight: [reading email] I’m sure you’ve seen the item in the Journal. I just want to stress that it’s all conjecture, if we have any concrete information, you will know ASAP.
Michael: Erin, do we have the journal?
Erin: Your feelings journal? You told me to put it in the time capsule.
Michael: Did you?
Pam: He means the Wall Street Journal, online.
Michael. Oh, the Wall.

Dwight: You can all have jobs at Schrute Farms as human scarecrows. Although it doesn’t pay much, and you can’t unionize.

Michael: Tube city. You owe me one.
Jim: [interview] Co-managing is a give and take. You have to pick your battles. One of the battles I picked was Michael’s idea of running plastic tubes all over the office with hamsters inside of them. He called it Tube City. So, yes, I do owe him one.

Jim: Okay, we need to do something. People are freaking out wondering what’s going to happen.
Michael: You’re right. They need something. A distraction. Anything new on YouTube? Doesn’t have to be good.

Michael. Well, well, well, what is this contraption, I do declare?!
Oscar: It’s my Blackberry, Michael. I’m trying to get updates on the company.
Michael: Who’s Michael? I’m Caleb Crawdad, I do declare!
Ryan: You don’t have to keep saying ‘I do declare.’ Every time you say something, it means you’re declaring it.

Andy: I’m a little worried that I may have asked out Naughty Nellie instead of Erin. Which would be a whole lot less appealing because Naughty Nellie says yes to everyone. And she might be a murderer.

Dwight: A lot of the evidence seems to be based on puns.

Michael: [in accent] There has been a lot of murder and a lot of intrigue. My poor little heart can barely take it no more. [regular voice] Today is the hardest I have worked in a long, long time.

Jim: I’m just gonna skip the what and go right to why.
Michael: Because this is the recreation of a crime scene!
Meredith: I’m the dead body and these are my brain chunks.
Dwight: Shut up, you’re dead.

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