Michael Scott and the rest of The Office taught us quite a lot in The Office “China” episode. Below is a list of what knowledge we gleamed! The name listed next to each line is who “taught” us that fact.

Steve Carell / NBC

Thumbs are essential if you’re drinking coffee. (Dwight)

Always speak in poor French if you have a chance. (Andy)

Want your company to go green? By green we mean money. Mwahaha. (Dwight)

China is a sleeping dragon that is just beginning to stir! (Michael)

Go to the dentist and you might find disturbing news about …AMERICA. Dun dun dun. (Michael)

America is number one, England is number two. China should be number 8. (Michael)

What’s worthy of a text? Is this? The answer is almost always “no.” (Daryl)

BTB stands for bring your booty. (Daryl)

The modern anus is coddled. (Dwight)

Being questioned by the police in a string of dog-nappings is a good excuse. (Nate)

What’s American gonna do? Who knows. (Erin)

In a horrible world, works can become irrelevant, and we can all be made to play cellos. Oh, the horror! (Michael)

Sometimes you need an idea bigger than the grand canyon. (Michael)

Nails by Koreans, Dry Cleaning by Whites. That’s the best way. (Kelly)

Smug Gay Mexican is a stereotype. (Jim)

Megan Fox? Totally a valid text. (Andy)

You can understand pirate code without being able to speak it. (Creed)

If you need soap, maybe you’re just bad at going to the bathroom. (Dwight)

Quote Rocky 2 for inspiration. (Andy)

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