If Chloe King loses one of her nine lives in every episode, The Nine Lives of Chloe King will be a very short TV series. Luckily, I doubt ABC Family will do that to us. Still, the premiere episode kicked things off by killing our heroine. For Roswell fans, this is old hat. But it does have a dramatic impact. Especially when Chloe came (dun dun dun)  back to life.

the nine lives of chloe king

I’ve been playing the #NinePaths game leading up to this premiere, and there was one final item in the box that wasn’t explained. But the pilot did. It’s a card that says “Thinking of you, Dad…” and it’s signed by Brian. It’s a Father’s Day Card. From this, we are reassured that Brian is the son of Chloe’s enemy. I also think it means that Brian isn’t super close with his Dad.

Here are my main thoughts on the episode:

Kiss of Death

It’s too bad that he died! I thought he was cuter than Alec. I liked the twist of thinking someone else had killed him, only to realize it was Chloe who (accidentally) did. I wonder if this curse was only activated as of her 16th birthday, if not – people really should have told her about this problem earlier on. They couldn’t just count on her being “unappealing” (which she isn’t) and hope for the best!

Underwhelmed by Superpowers

Chloe accepted her superpowers without being too surprised. After some quick denial, she was quipping at the bad guys and looked pretty comfortable with the situation she was in. I would have liked to see her fumbling around more. She has a weird, dual personality where she’s supremely dorky and then cooly confident. This disconnect … eh. It would make more sense that she becomes more confident as she has her powers, but not SNAP – so fast.

Daddy Issues

If a Dad I hadn’t seen in forever contacted me out of the blue and told me not to trust anyone, I wouldn’t really trust him either. Do you smell a doublecross in Chloe’s future? Methinks there’s a lot of mystery around her Dad, and why he bailed. Maybe he’s a good guy, but maybe not.

Kitty Hat

I like the possible Romeo and Juliet exploration we could have between Chloe and the son (Brian) of her biggest enemy.

Cat Powers

I’m a cat person, you guys. Dogs are nice, but cats are just better. So I think it’s very cool that for once this isn’t a werewolf story or something…she’s …like, a cat!