Today I got sent on my mission to unlock the fourth path in the Nine Paths game (#NinePaths) that leads us to the June 14th series premiere of the ABC Family show The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

the nine lives of chloe king pilot

The Fourth Path – 4/9

I received an e-mail that said, “
The Nine Paths Prophecy tells us, ‘The Fourth Path will be a time of awakening. The Circle of Strangers shall face the greatest of unknowns: Those whose trust grows truly and those whose trust rains false.'”

Then I was instructed to look at the baby bib I had received in my box. There was a symbol to translate and follow. It lead me to this link that has a video: HERE (Password is TRUST)The message at the end says “Chloe is in danger and needs your help.” But remember, humans who help The Mai are also in danger. Will you risk it? (Let’s risk it, yes!) Play the game: HERE

The Nine Lives of Chloe King premieres on ABC Family this summer Tuesday June 14, at 9/8c.