Now we’re on the fifth path in the Nine Paths game (#NinePaths) for the new ABC Family series The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

nine lives chloe king

THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING - Skyler Samuels stars as Chloe King on ABC Family's "The Nine Lives of Chloe King." (ABC FAMILY/ANDREW ECCLES)

The Fifth Path 5/9

The mission was to distract the Twitter user Batko614 who is searching for Chloe, pretending he’s seriously concerned for her – and a friend of hers.  Sounds like a true frenemy to me. Well, we of the circle tweeted at him with confusing messages about where Chloe might be (I said she was auditioning for Jeopardy.) You can read the full message below. After we confused Batko we were told to seek out “Chloe’s Crush” on Google. This would lead me to a video I’ll post for you guys. I wonder if her crush is mutual?

Circle! The time has come to take the Fifth Path! This is happening sooner than we, the Mai, anticipated. Those who would like to see the Nine Paths Prophecy denied are hunting for The Uniter!

The Nine Paths Prophecy warns, “The Fifth Path will shine a light on a deceiver. The Circle must keep an eye on this imposter and slow his chase by creating many false roads away from the one.”

We, the Mai, have learned that a deceiver, Batko614, is on Twitter searching for Chloe King. In order to protect The Uniter, you must point Batko614 away from her. Please, lead Batko614 down a trail of lies and urge your Followers to misdirect him. Protecting The Uniter will take the Circle of Strangers another step closer to fulfilling the Nine Paths Prophecy.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King premieres on ABC Family this summer Tuesday June 14, at 9/8c.