Sharp, fast-paced and inspiring, The Newsroom is not to be missed by those who know that “intelligent television” isn’t an oxymoron.

As a writer, I like words. I like ’em big, I like ’em fast, and I (usually) like them in complete sentences. Words can titillate, empower, do baton tricks if they’re in the mood… You get the idea. And it just so happens that what The Newsroom has going for it, maybe more than anything else, is a mastery of words.

Now, these words are packing big, powerful (mostly clever) ideas. And those ideas, presented by this amazing cast of talented actors (in quirky, reality-based roles) are what brings us full circle to a show that I’d initially thought I’d hate. You know why? I hate the news. The news is depressing. The news is not just depressing, it’s depressing and you can’t ignore it.¬† It’s crucial to be apprised of unless you want to live in a remote jungle (my hair doesn’t do well in humidity). I don’t just hate the nature of what the news is (horrible revelation after horrible revelation, delivered with an impassive face by someone with too much lipstick) – I also hate how it’s run. It’s fast-paced. I hate fast-paced. I like to revise. I like to be unhurried. Stress is going to kill me if I don’t find more time for impromptu yoga sessions on the floor of my kitchen. (Anyone else’s cats randomly jump on their backs while doing Downward Dog?)

Despite my wish for the news to go away (along with politics, fireworks, poverty and alarm clocks) I ended up watching The Newsroom and feeling uplifted and excited by the entire episode. (Which came in over the standard 42 minutes. I was invested!)

Stray observations

  • Emily Mortimer. My heart, my heart! Between her hair (bouncy, but not distractingly so as if to say “she’s jut going to be pretty”), her confidence, her mastery of this character… I’m ready to give her an Emmy already. She’s smart, her character is smart. Therefore she’s believable and I believe in her. I want more female characters like this on TV.
  • Dev Patel. Oh, my heart aches for Skins series 1, but I’m so glad you’re back on our TV screens!
  • ¬†Olivia Munn, where are you? Are you going to be once again typecasted as the sassy-but-hot girl with brains? Are you ever growing your hair long again?
  • Alison Pill … your character is the sulking, wants-to-be-a-bitch-but-can’t, good girl that a lot of us are. Um. I relate. I remember you in that one Lindsay Lohan movie… and being one of the only good things about that movie. You were also in one of my favorite movies, Pieces of April. You’re talented. Woody Allen knows you’re talented. I just hope you realize it. Jeff Daniels… I didn’t believe I’d enjoy you in this role. I’m still unsure about you. But, to be fair, I don’t think we’re supposed to love your character all that much. He’s complicated and selfish and … worth exploring.
  • Are we really supposed to go around thinking America is the best country in the world? That seems so egotistical to me that I’d never consider it. I really love my country, but to say that we’re the best and no one else can beat us, nyah, nyah? This isn’t a schoolyard! And I’ve never been a bully. (Except that one time when my best friend’s former best friend cut the tips off my markers, and even then the most I did was rat her out to her Mom.)

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