The winner of Miss America 2013 was announced tonight after a two hour live show from Las Vegas.

Miss America 2013 Question Portion / Miss America 2013 Top 5

Miss Oklahoma, Alicia Clifton, was asked about how reality TV shows portray pageants and their parents. She said you knew that you could see that Mothers loved their daughters. She also said to take them with a grain of salt.

Miss South Carolina, Ali Rogers, was asked about AJ McCarron’s girlfriend being objectified by Brent Musburger. She said it was fine to point out her beauty.Did she knew what the question even was? This was a terrible answer.

Miss New York, Mallory Hytes Hagan, was asked about Newtown and gun control. Should an armed guard be at every school? She said no, and to not fight violence with violence, but use education. Her message was good but her delivery was bad. Nice try, Miss New York.

Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary, was asked if marijuana should be legal. She said it was okay for healthcare, but should not, “be used for anything but recreational use and healthcare” which was clearly a mistake. Wow. Wow. Wow. That was a huge mistake. She did not mean to say recreational, but it slipped in there. The rest of her answer was saying it should only be used for medicine. Freudian slip? Or just a slip?

Miss Wyoming, Lexie Madden, was asked about ADHD medicine and if parents were too quick to use it. Madden said you should not just cover up a problem with medication and parents should seek other options too. It was a good, fluid answer but just a smidge too short.


Miss Iowa – fourth runner up.
Miss Wyoming – third runner up.
Miss Oklahoma – second runner up.
Miss South Carolina – first runner up.
Miss New York!

Miss American 2013

Miss America 2013 is Mallory Hytes Hagan!

She wore a great ponytail, and an amazing enough white dress that was the best evening dress from the semi finalists.

Miss South Carolina should not have gotten first runner up, and should she have won it would have been a straight-out tragedy.

About Mallory Hagan

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Education: Fashion Institute of Technology

Scholastic & Career Ambitions: Bachelors in Advertising & Marketing; Enter the field of Cosmetic & Fragrance Marketing

Platform Issue: Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention

Miss America History: Mallory has been involved in the Miss America Organization for 10 years! She started as a teen in the Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen program, was the 1st Runner Up in Miss New York 2010 and 2011, and will now compete in the Miss America Pageant – a childhood dream!  – MissNY.Org

Photo Credit: Claire Buffie