Does anyone REALLY look good in scrubs? I need input.

mindy kaling short hair

The Mindy Project Season 2, Episode 1. Photo: FOX

The Mindy Project Review

– Mindy’s pixie haircut. Like, IS IT REAL? IT CAN’T BE. It’s just so bad, and Mindy Kaling is way too stylish to let that happen. She’d at least get Beyonce extentions right away. So, it had to be a stunt. A fun stunt. Also, a good kick-in-the-head for any women thinking that a haircut like that would be a good idea. (Unless you’re Halle Berry. Her head rocked that hair.)
– Yea, yea, Danny rushed to the hospital for Mindy. He luuuuurvs her. I think we can all see where The Mindy Project season 2 is heading. But, that’s fun.
– El Royale sweater in Haiti, in a tree, at sunrise. It’s just so Mindy. (That could be a catch-phrase. THAT’S SO MINDY. Instead of Raven. You know what I’m talking ’bout.)
– The way she hates sex and fakes to get out of it. And that the dude bargained from 5 minutes to 2. That’s a pro.
– JAMES FRANCO. Yes, I can get into the very fact that JAMES FRANCO is on my screen. I love his face and his mind. Perfecto.
– That Mindy loves prescription dandruff shampoo. I kinda love it too, the apple-scented kind. It makes my hair look shinier than even what Aveda can do.
– Danny didn’t know what a browser history was.
– Danny likes Kate Upton. ET TU, BRUTUS?
– Chloe Sevigny’s character snapped the laptop. WOO. I love strong, crazy characters.
– Casey thinks he’ll die if he stops peeing. WHAT MEDICAL STUFF IS THAT? (I hope it’s not legit medical knowledge, otherwise I’ve been in many dangerous life moments.)
– Mindy and Danny’s flirting on the rooftop.
– Danny’s whole “You know what I always thought you looked nice in?” And it was her scrubs! SO SWEET.
– The fact that Mindy and Casey pretend that them living apart is going to be good for their new engagement. LIKE THEY AREN’T DOOMED. Oh, please. PUH-LEASE. This would be an obvious plot even in one of those 90’s Olsen Twin movies.

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