File this under: sample sale tips.

I have to admit I’m not loving every minute of The Mindy Project (Fox) as I wish I was. I even take issue with the production tag at the end of each episode that tells the viewer to go to bed. (And I regress to a teenage state where I yell at my TV “No, YOU go to bed!”)

Point is, between some bland or awkward moments, there are always gems to be found. And one such gem was in the recent episode “Two to One” where Mindy (Mindy Kaling) goes shopping with her friends Gwen (Anna Camp) and Alex (Kelen Coleman). When Mindy must rush off from a sample sale, she asks her friends to make a human changing room. If you’ve ever been at a sample sale, then you very likely have done this. Your friends create human “walls” while you change.

Legal? Who knows. Easy? Depends on what you’re changing. Worth it? Always.

Mindy Lahri tweeted: Okay, the human changing room is just the best, because you get both privacy AND feedback!

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