Technically that should be “How to Dress Like Mindy Lahri” but let’s not quibble!

Mindy Kaling loves shopping as much as we do (remember her blog – “Things I Bought That I Love”?) so it makes sense that there’s tons of great outfits and accessories featured on her show – The Mindy Project.

One of the great things about Kaling is that she has some actual curves, and Tyra Banks would probably call her fiercely real. (We’re all embarrassed for you Tyra, tone it down.)

Right away, I honed in an Kalings black glasses – frames I actually already own! Bingo. Not only have I found a suitable style icon, but I can reward myself for having good taste that would be approved of by Kaling (at least in the eyeglasses department, as no one appreciates my collection of fuzzy socks.)

mindy kaling

Mindy Kaling, on her own, knows how to dress – and isn’t afraid of sparkle or powerful pops of color. Her contributions on The Office with Kelly Kapoor must also be noted. She actually made  Kelly’s sing-songey quote, “Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!” one of the odd catch phrases I employ way too often in my life. …Especially as I have lunch breaks with cats.

I’ve previously covered > Mindy Kaling Jewelry on Ring O Blog (Shoutout to Melinda Maria Jewelry!)

mindy kaling jewelry

But… back to Mindy Lahri and her clothes…because if I had a doctor this stylish I’d be more attentive about when my ankle feels broken…

mindy kaling

The Mindy Project Fashion “Pilot”

  • Red (orange) and white star sweater that was the “Wildfox Lennon Jumper” (apartment scene)
  • Red bandage Herve Leger dress (in the elevator)
  • Navy and white Tory Burch striped blazer (at work)
  • Sequined Butterfly Top
  • Sparkly teal dress
  • Sparkly silver dress

mindy lahri

Instead of suggesting you just go out and buy these items, I like to remind you guys that if budget is an issue (it’s a major issue for this writer when we’re dealing with an expensivo label like Herve Leger!) then you can always be inspired by these looks. You don’t need the exact same item to be guided by this look.

Look for large star patterns on sweaters, ipad cases, and socks. Use your fashion intuition to know when it’s cute or just looks dumb. If you love that red dress, look for any sort of body conscious bandage dress that hugs the figure. (Spanx would also help make any sexy dress look just that much better, but that’s up to you.) Keep your eye peeled not just for navy and white nautical blazers, but any chic blazers. Plus, a navy and white striped skirt would also be tres cute. And, to follow in Mindy Lahri’s style, don’t ever think that you can’t pull off a fabulous, sparkling top. You can. And you’ll be fabulous.

The Mindy Project Fashion “Hiring and Firing”

Outfit #1 @ the bookstore and outside

  • Yellow Cardigan from Modcloth
  • Printed horse blouse from Modcloth
  • Gray striped skirt from Free People
  • Gray tights

Outfit #2 @ work

  • Blue and white button down
  • Navy cardigan with red heart from Commes des Garcons
  • Red pencil skirt
  • Large silver hoops

Outfit #3 @ work

  • Black frame glasses
  • Dark blazer
  • Gray bustier by Material Girl for Macy’s
  • Large silver hoops

The Mindy Project Fashion “In the Club”

Outfit #1 @ work

  • White doctor coat
  • Glasses
  • Burgundy and navy sweater over white button down, collar popped up
  • Small silver studs

Outfit #2 @ the club

  • One shoulder – Mindy Project red dress (Amazing, amazing, amazing!)
  • Silver hoops
  • Silver clutch
  • Rings

mindy project fashion

mindy kaling

mindy kaling

The Mindy Project Fashion – Labels and Stores to check out:

  • Herve Leger
  • Free People
  • Mod Cloth
  • Tory Burch
  • Commes des Garcons

Fashion tips Mindy Lahri and Mindy Kaling both seem to endorse:

  • Look for slimming princess seams on dresses
  • Always wear bright lipstick unless you’re depressed, then make sure they can tell it by your the void of color on your face.
  • Sparkle is always good. More sparkle is better.
  • Don’t be afraid to have a general theme for an outfit…like “If I’d gone to Harvard” or “If I was on Gossip Girl season 1”
  • Platform Pumps = YES.
  • Large silver hoops go with everything.
  • You can totally wear a corset to work.
  • Add glasses to take a sex kitten look to nerd heaven… in the end it’ll look hip and “indie”
  • If your dress is patterned and loud enough, you don’t need other accessories. Wear a few anyway.
  • Don’t forget to dress up your nails once in a while.
  • If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it way, way wrong. This isn’t prison…experiment!

Get inspired by clothes from The Mindy Project!

mindy kaling

mindy kaling

Photo Credit: FOX, Greg Gayne, Autumn De Wilde, Warwick Saint & CBS

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