Patti Stanger has returned with The Millionaire Matchmaker season 7 last week on BRAVO. But who there were two people who didn’t come along for the ride, and that’s her two previous assistants.

the millionaire matchmaker assistants

The latest batch of matchmakers: David Cruz, Marisa Saks, Justin Bird. Credit: BRAVO

On the season 7 premiere, “Softly Swayze and the Boy in the Bubble,” Patti does explain what happened to her assistants. She says that they left, and that she has replaced them with new assistants. She also showed up with a brand new ocean-front office space.

So, what happened to Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff? And who are these new assistants?

Stanger posted to her Facebook about Destin and Rachel to say, “Ok guys I’m gonna say it once @destinpfaff @RachelFederoff are off pursuing their own dreams @DNRBrands @SushiGirlMovie I wish them well!”

The new assistants are Justin Bird, Marisa Saks and David Cruz.

david cruz the millionaire matchmaker

David Cruz, The Millionaire Matchmaker

justin bird the millionaire matchmaker

Justin Bird, The Millionaire Matchmaker

marisa saks the millionaire matchmakers

Marisa Saks, The Millionaire Matchmaker



The Millionaire Matchmaker airs new episodes on Thursday nights on Bravo.

React: Are you going to miss Destin and Rachel? Which of the new assistants do you like the most so far?