As someone who just scrubbed their bathroom ceiling and walls clean, first let me say …MY ARMS HURT.

If you knew how long it took to put this collage together you'd do me a favor and put this on your "LOL" Pinterest board so I feel like it's appreciated. Cool?

If you knew how long it took to put this collage of “The Man’s Bathroom” together you’d do me a favor and put this on your “LOL” Pinterest board so I feel like it’s appreciated. Oui?

Seriously, that isn’t an easy task. (Though it’s made easier with a step stool. Trying to levitate and crawl on the counter is much more of a gamble, let me tell you.) As you can probably tell, I have Spring Cleaning on my mind. I’m capitalizing that phrase because it seems like the kind of thing that ought to be honored the way we honor …uh, Flag Day or Adam Scott*!

Now, while I was wiping down the top of my (seriously? filthy) shower curtain rod and hanging up a clean shower curtain, I wondered something. Why has no one invented the Home Improvement bathroom yet? Cleaning in general is tough, but the bathroom is the absolute worst. It may be the smallest room, but it’s probably the one with the most amount of germs. (If you don’t close the lid of your toilet every time you flush, don’t even talk to me. You seriously need to do this.)

Tim the Tool Man Taylor never saw the iPad, iPod or iWhateverama coming, but he did think of genius ways to clean both the bathroom and the kitchen. And these (technically just the kitchen model) featured a method that cleaned the entire room as though the room became the inside of a car wash or a dish washer. You’d simply push a button, and walk away. Call me lazy all you want, but I’d definitely prefer this method of cleaning over my own.

The Man’s Bathroom

The Man’s Kitchen

Since I brought up Tim Allen, let me take a moment to eat some humble pie. In Hart of Dixie season 1, Nancy Travis was part of the cast. She had done that pilot, as well as the pilot for Last Man Standing. Anyway, she choose to go forward with the latter. At the time, I was annoyed. But since then, I’ve seen a few episodes of Last Man Standing. You know what? It’s a good show. So, serve up that pie. I prefer pumpkin or lemon meringue.

*See: My Adam Scott the actor < Adam Scott the golfer tweets here and here. People with Adam Scott are on my mind.