The Lying Game returns with “When We Dead Awaken” tonight on ABC Family. Maybe we’ll understand the episode title better after it airs.

the lying game when we dead awaken

The Lying Game “When We Dead Awaken” Summary: With Sutton’s whereabouts still unknown and a threatening, anonymous, note delivered via Sutton’s signature packaging, Emma is feeling uncertain and on edge. So when she is invited to scout out the University of Texas’s tennis program (her Dad’s alma mater), Emma surprises her dad and accepts the invite to get away.

Nonetheless, Emma can’t escape the fact that her twin may be gone for good. Sutton is still missing.

Meanwhile, Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) tries to help Char when her mom, Phyllis, has another drinking episode. (Rehab didn’t work?)

Charisma Carpenter as Aunt Rebecca has become a great help to Char already.

the lying game season

Laurel and Emma are bonding as sisters.

the lying game when we dead awaken

What do you think of Emma’s outfit here? Pretty formal.

Mr. Mercer is happy to see Sutton interested in her education. Emma probably is. Sutton probably wasn’t. And who knows if Sutton is even still alive!

The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 11

The Lying Game “When We Dead Awaken” Episode 11 airs on Monday, January 9 at 9 pm ET/PT on ABC Family.