Did you almost accidentally root on incest when you hoped Emma and Jordan would have chemistry? Well, you aren’t alone. Here’s my review of The Lying Game “The Revengers”.

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The Lying Game “The Revengers” Review

New couple alert

New guy Jordan is attractive. I’ve liked Thayer (Christian Alexander) for Emma, but Jordan might be a fun distraction. …Yet, apparently he’s with Mads. And that’s nice, she needed someone. Season 2 has put Emma and Thayer together, and Sutton with Ethan (which is totally happening – don’t kid yourself). And while I’m sure this won’t last a long time, it’s a nice switch-up to watch unfold.

Jordan Lyle is Rebecca’s son, meaning he’s brother to Sutton and Emma. Man… I am so glad he didn’t hook up with one of them. Anyway, he’s played by actor Ryan Rottman… so google away!

As for Mads… I’m glad she’s going to have a stable home life with her friends. And  yea, she had some wild behavior in stealing some booze and then getting frisky with a stranger… but I always think she’ll land on her feet.

Missing members

Where’s the token blonde friend? I’m sad they wrote Charlotte (Kristen Prout) out of the show. And what about Nisha? (Sharon Pierre-Louis). I guess they didn’t need a high school rival for Sutton or Emma now that most episodes forget the girl is in high school!

THE LYING GAME – Allie Gonino stars as Laurel Mercer on ABC Family’s “The Lying Game.” (ABC FAMILY/FELICIA GRAHAM)

Like Mother like Daughter

I liked seeing the pool floats of the Mother and daughter. It’s a nice comparison to the opening credits of the series, where it’s the sisters. Because we all know that Sutton and Rebecca are much more alike than Emma and Sutton. I’m a bit surprised that Rebecca even cares at all about having Emma around at all. There’s no surprise in realizing Sutton would like nothing more than to be an only child again. Also, it’s pretty cold how Sutton cares so little for her sister, Laurel.


So, Laurel still has her band. Welp, Allie Gonino has an amazing voice. I’m also surprised that Laurel usually has the best outfits on the show.

What would you grade this Lying Game season 2 premiere episode?

The Lying Game Review – Season 2, Episode 1 “The Revengers”