The Lying Game gave us a truly OMG moment at the tippy toppy end of the episode.

The Lying Game “When We Dead Awaken” Review

Justin and Laurel End It All. It felt like Laurel was digging her own hole as she kept pushing an insensitive Justin to answer that “Yea” he was breaking up with her. He was a total jerk, but then in private seemed upset. What’s his game?

Enter Sutton. Sutton let Thayer and Ethan convince Emma that she was playing a lying game, and waited for Emma to then convince the boys that Sutton really must be dead… before revealing herself. Dun dun dun! Truly, we have no clue what is going on because we thought chances were good Sutton was dead. But she’s okay. And she’s showered, and wearing makeup and totally pissed off! Aaaah.

Alec and Rebecca Smolder. We can’t be sure what’s going on with them, but we want romance! They have smoldering chemistry, although Alec is probably not good for anyone. We’re left wondering about whether or not Rebecca has truly come back to make good, or if she’s trying to manipulate people and play head games.

And where does Ted fit in? It seems like Ted cheated on his wife, Kristin, to be with Rebecca (as Annie) and that Rebecca may have been the biological Mom to Emma and Sutton. She had some digs for Ted’s wife about someone stealing someone else’s kid. But Kristin also was putting together pieces of the puzzle about whether Ted had cheated on her.

Laurel and Emma: Rivalry. Something interesting is that Laurel seems pretty annoyed whenever Emma acts more like herself than Sutton. Laurel doesn’t like it when Sutton starts acting like a good daughter, or is following rules. It screams of sibling jealousy.

Nisha? We saw more tennis this week, but again saw no Nisha. Should we consider this character written out of the show?

Emma Plays it Dumb. Why would Sutton care about a free ride? She’s rich. It seems odd that the Mercers would care – in fact it seems greedy. But obviously Emma should be smart and get into the school and try to make it work for her with her own name.

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