This week on The Lying Game a lot of clues were uncovered about the past, and Sutton (Alexandra Chando) proved that she’s never going to change her vindictive and selfish ways.

The Lying Game Review “Black and White and Green All Over”

Sutton vs Emma

Emma’s naive and Sutton’s super manipulative. Of course, Emma is also playing it fast and loose with the rule about not having two twins in the same place at once.

It’s downright cruel the way Sutton is treating Emma, basically telling her to leave town forever. Then, because she wants to steal Ethan, Sutton tries to bribe Emma with the promise of an actual family. There’s just no way you can look at this and feel Sutton is likeable. Which is why she’s kinda my favorite character on the show, now. Ha! She’s kind of like what Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) would be if Gossip Girl didn’t have to keep that character semi-likeable. In this case, there’s twins, so one can be super evil!

(And we haven’t even yet mentioned how annoying and rude Sutton was to her parents and Laurel. Think she could have tried to be nice for even a day?)

Laurel and Justin

Even though we’re supposed to side with everyone who says Sutton shouldn’t have “ratted” out Laurel to their parents, I think this was a pretty important and big deal that it needed some fast parental supervision. I don’t know about you, but if I was dating someone who suddenly said, “by the way, I blame your Dad for my Mom’s death” I’d run to my parents for the truth so fast I’d get whiplash.

The Black and White Ball

The ball was fun, although having so many formal parties really does make each one seem less special. (But yes, I know a lot of shows do this.) I was a major fan of Sutton’s white dress and updo, it was very Audrey Hepburn indeed.

What about Thayer?

I know tons of you guys like Ethan, but I prefer Thayer (Christian Alexander.) He’s really helpful and nerdy and smart and cute! And between Sutton and Emma, neither of them want him. Poor guy! Even when Emma suggests that his Dad (Alec) might be the one who tried to kill Sutton, he doesn’t take it too personally or flip out. He’s a keeper!

More Mysteries, Oh La La

We got a taste of some of the mysteries on the show. Rebecca and Alec referred to an “other past” that they won’t get into. But we also heard from Annie that she wasn’t the mother to the twins. And then Rebecca showed up to see Annie, and she was pissed. (Annie had stolen Emma at some point. But she wouldn’t say how she knew Alec.) Seems like the clues are adding up that Rebecca is the real Mother to Sutton and Emma. Meanwhile, we heard that there’s more to the story about why Justin’s Mom died because of Ted. Additionally, we learned why Sutton hates Mag’s new guy, and what the first lying game was. It looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him!

The Lying Game airs Mondays on on ABC Family, don’t miss it!