Read up on our thoughts of what was the weirdest segue of “Pleased to Meet Me” in The Lying Game, to our biggest question marks about the series so far.

The Lying Game Review “Pleased to Meet Me”

Biggest DUH moment: When Justin didn’t reveal he was Laurels brother, I was relieved. And then he said Mr. Mercer had killed his mother and things made a lot more sense. Duh!

Most Evil Smile: When Thayer is trying to get the real Sutton back home, Mrs. Mercer catches them and insists Sutton turn around. Thayer is shaking his head, but Sutton turns around and welcomes her Mother’s reaction (of her forehead) with a big smile. She’s reclaiming her life, and she knows it.

Most Obvious Plan: Sutton is still a mean girl, and she’s trying to make everyone trust her again. Especially poor Emma.

Weirdest Segue: Rebecca sees Laurel singing for a second and then pushes her to make a demo and sing in public? That’s kind of uh, really fast. I suppose Laurel might have felt propelled to do it because of her breakup with Justin, but she got over her fear of performing in public almost instantly.

Most Humanizing Moment: Rich girl Laurel watches infomercials when she’s sad.

Most Fun: The montage of seeing the real Sutton back in her old room, and enjoying it! I wish my bed looked as nice as hers. But I have pets, so white bedding doesn’t really work…

Biggest Question Mark: Where’s Annie? But also, who tried to kill Sutton? And who wants Emma to pretend to be Emma? And who is the real Dad? And who called Ted the night he accidentally killed Justin’s Mom? And why bring in Rebecca just as you kick Char to the curb? And what happened between Ted, Alec and Rebecca back in the day? … Okay, so, maybe I have a lot of questions.

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