Tonight on The Lying Game “Reservation for Two” we pick up with Ethan and Sutton on the run. They end up seeking Ethan’s father who lives on a reservation. But will things go smoothly there? And what about Emma pretending to be Sutton again? She can only mend so many fences.

The Lying Game “Reservation for Two” Summary / Synopsis

When Ethan is implicated in a serious crime, he and Sutton leave town and hide out with his father, Ben, on the reservation where he grew up. A burgeoning tension between father and son has Sutton playing mediator, but, despite the awkwardness, she appreciates seeing a side of Ethan that she did not know when they were together.

Meanwhile, Emma is left to deal with the aftermath of Ethan’s situation when she must pretend to be witness to a scene where she was not present. Gil Birmingham (“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1″) guest stars as Ethan’s father, Ben Whitehorse.

the Lying Game season 1 episode 16
ABC Family at 9 pm EST