Do you believe in Twintuition? What about Twinsense? ABC Family aired the fourth episode of The Lying Game last night, aptly titled “Twinsense and Sensibility.”

the lying game cast

#3: Alexandra Chando and Annie Gonino have great chemistry as siblings Emma/Sutton and Laurel. It was nice that Laurel decided to bite the bullet and take the blame for stealing Sutton’s laptop, saving Ethan a trip to court. Later we learned that Mr. Mercer didn’t believe Laurel was the culprit. But nevertheless? So many points to Laurel to stepping up for her sister.

#2: It was incredibly cheesy to have Emma remember that she was in a fire by throwing a picture into a fire and seeing the flames jog her memory (brought about by realizing the twins have psychically shared a dream – uh, cause that happens…), but this doesn’t take away the creepy/cool factor of the old burned down house that Sutton found, complete with a star mural on the ceiling. (How much do you want a mural on your ceiling now? Be honest!)  It makes us wonder a lot about Annie Hobbes – the apparent mother of the twins who once lived with Emma until she possibly died. Is she dead? No? Yes? Maybe? Blink once for yes and twice for no!

The Lying Game makes you wonder: What IS Twin Tuition and is it real?

#1: I love how we’re getting more and more information about how the twins differed. Sutton has an incomplete life and can’t handle the only real rejection she ever got so she has to track down her Mom and find out what happened there. She also has raging jealousy issues now that she knows that for some reason their birth Mom took Emma for a while. Meanwhile, Emma is so grateful to be in Sutton’s expensive shoes with a sister who loves her, friends that care, and parents who are supportive. All of this helps to see why Ethan might fall for Emma over Sutton. Emma is sweet, and an outsider just like him.

The Lying Game Episode Guide: Season 1 Episode 4 Twinsense and Sensibility: Sutton and Emma discover similarities in their dreams and childhood experiences as the search for their birth mother intensifies.

The Lying Game Bedroom of Sutton Mercer’s is pretty nice, so have a picture of it:

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