Here are the most memorable quotes from The Lying Game season 2, episode 1, titled “The Revengers”.

You can say that again…

Emma: I’m sure there’s a ton of theories out there.

Truer words…
Sutton: When our embryo’s split, you got all the heart.

A brief touching moment…
Emma: I hope you weren’t disappointed when you found out I was your Mother.

Turns out he knows!

Alec: I’m getting pretty good at telling you two apart, Emma.

He’s changed…
Sutton: Since when as danger ever stopped you?

THE LYING GAME – Allie Gonino stars as Laurel Mercer on ABC Family’s “The Lying Game.” (ABC FAMILY/FELICIA GRAHAM)

We wouldn’t trust him, either…
Alec: I wouldn’t trust Sutton. She might not be as much on your side as you think.

Theresa: This has to be a joke.
Alec: No, that was the last attorney.

She even has a feather necklace, she’s an expert!

Sutton: I’m pretty sure that’s what Native Americans believe, I saw it in a movie once.

Love hurts, every time…

Sutton: So you don’t believe in destiny?
Ethan: I can’t. I’ve been burned by it too many times.

And they used to be BFFS…
Sutton: I’m not sure if I’d be able to get on with my life if I knew my Dad was a murderer.

She’s a smart girl…
Mads: Why do you allow yourself to be continually punked by that girl?


The Lying Game Quotes – Season 2, Episode 1 “The Revengers”

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