the lying game o twin where art thou

The Lying  Game Review “O Twin Where Art Thou”

The Lying Game is such a fun show, because where else is the self-insertion fantasy more fun? Who wouldn’t wanna be Sutton with her fabulous life, endless wallet, loyal friends, and huge closet? The thing is, Emma is way too innocent for us to think she’d really ever try to stop Sutton from re-claiming her life. But after “O Twin, Where Art Thou” we have to wonder if Ethan or Thayer (who has a grudge) might have something to do with Sutton disappearing again. Ethan doesn’t seem quite so likely, but he would do anything to help Emma…

When Emma, Ethan and Thayer aren’t plotting against each other, they make a fun team.

We love Charisma Carpenter as Annie/Rebecca. (Doesn’t Alexandra Chando look and sound like Carpenter?) She is bringing a ton of history with her, but apparently wants to forget it. We just hope Alec and Ted don’t try to mess with her. Who better than Carpenter to play someone who has to come across as newly strong and fierce? We also love the way Rebecca has come stepped up to help Char. While it might seem obvious that someone would only insist on Phyllis being put into mandatory rehab, it truly seems like Rebecca has really good intentions. Char’s Mom needs help, and Char can’t be the one trying to fix it all while she’s still in high school.

Do you guys think Sutton is dead? Does that note at the end warn Emma to keep playing as Sutton or else she’ll be kidnapped, or else she be killed? Either way, it looks like Emma’s gonna have to keep quite for a while.

The Lying Game “O Twin Where Art Thou” Quotes

“Revenge for what? We didn’t do anything.” – Emma
“Yea you did. You fell in love.” – Thayer

“Who knew a fairy godmother could be so cool?” – Mads

“Super strange. Is that a new police phrase I don’t know about?” – Alec

“I love him. He loves me.” – Emma
“Which just might explain everything.” – Thayer

Note: “Keep on being Sutton or you’re next.”

The Lying Game airs Mondays on ABC Family