When the ABC Family Digital Network got to interview Kirsten Prout from The Lying Game, fashion was a hot topic. On the show as Char Chamberlin, Prout will never lack for stylish outfits.

kristen prout

On her characters style, Prout says, “Our costume designer, Mimi, is brilliant. And the accessories, the outfits, I mean every episode just gets more and more interesting. And I love the way she dresses Char.” Surprisingly, things get a twist from a retro flair! “We really bring in a lot of 50s pinup kind of style. Things that are a little more retro. We’re kind of definitely finding the groove with Char and we’ve been finding that by bringing little 30s or 50s accents to outfits that are super modern. So I’m loving it. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what Mimi’s come up with.

But the bottom line about The Lying game fashion? “It’s super fun. It’s over-the-top, for sure. Fashion is such a big part of the show. I think that larger-than-life aspect, the fact that we’re always dressed to the nines, is super fun.” And as for a favorite outfit, Prout mentioned the father/daughter dance she wore “fit like a glove.”

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